Meaningful Food and Iron Quests

It’s possible that when the game started, the find food and find iron quests were meaningful and helpful, but at this point, we all realize they aren’t worth the flags spent. Almost everyone seems to be food and iron starved as soon as they get SH21 and the associated buildings started. Please dramatically increase the food and iron rewards in the quests. A very hard level that fills you up completely would be welcomed by all. With Atlantis Rising increasing the swords and backpacks, the new crafting, and the insanely high costs of leveling troops, trying to play while constantly being out of food is becoming very tedious.

Yes i spend alot of time starving, and yes the quests are only useful as a beginner with such a tiny amount. Though I’m now at a stage where i have too much of both and am waiting on my stronghold to hit 21. It’s a tricky one, too much to a beginner would be just too much to make money. But i would like a levelling quest system where if i am level 30 and you 10 the food iron reward will be significantly different etc.

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The food and iron reward from the hero chest scale with your storage.

How about the quests do the same?

Level 1 - 5% of storage

Level 2 - 10%

Level 3 - 15%

Just as an example

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Yes, that’s not enough to cause losses but enough for us to do some tidying up on things

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Percentages!!! Now there’s a worthwhile revamp of quests I havent touched in months!

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