May 2022 Balance Update - Discussion

I’m thinking along the lines of having a 4* counterattack team, including using sumitomo from s2.
I think that guy is actually competent for what he does even till now, regens mana and counterattacks like a truck. The only problem is he has no recovery of his own.
So to have azmia’s heal, she can support sumitomo and they can have the same levels of counterattack.

Sounds good. Only way to know is to try.

I don’t do counter much.

No one’s arguing. I’m explaining to you why you’re wrong :wink:. You simply failed at understanding what a nerf or a buff is (regardless of the insignificance of the change). I’m sure you’ll get there eventually. Cheers!

Papyros, Exeera, Roc? No let’s leave them useless but continue introducing op heroes to make everyone feel their roster is not good enough.

Costumes are not buffs. as you have to be lucky enough to pull them it’s practically a different hero.
My Roc is still useless. My Exeera is still useless and my Papyros is still useless plus my old event, S2 and S3 heroes that the power creep has blitzed by.

The stoneskin on the gargoyles together with the undispellable effects is crazy.

SG are chasing their profits to maximize the pay out from Zynga but where’s the game going to be when are fully in control.

It’s obvious that the game is all over the place with limited direction or thought or plan as to how the new heroes will affect the balance of the game pre-release. Then we get these half-hearted attempts to redress the balance which are more just excuses to buff 5* heroes before a portal.


Errr Zynga now owns SGG and this game 100%. 3rd payout was in early 2022.

There was no press announcement then because zynga had entered into a MOU with Take Two to “merge”.

Since that 3rd payout, their revenue driven strategies have intensified. Gotta claw back the $$$ zynga expended on the 3rd payout.


I read in a post the other day that SG were maximising profits to maximize the last payout. I guess it’s happened.
It doesn’t nullify my argument that this game is driven by pure greed by the owners with little thought how it affects the long term status of the game.
Players can’t keep up and so will lose interest.
There’ll even be a new seasonal event in the late summer with more op heroes.


Someone ia getting fired? I dont know but its possible sg is getting his staff nerffed hahaha. And a huge buff to zynga staff …


Does this explain the appearance of new staff names in Forum ? Since the 3rd payout was completed. :thinking:

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Not mine, just smh seeing how pathetic this hero is now. 130% is barely better than boril and cyprian, S1 heroes. And she has to work for it


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We hear you, it’s getting pathic the rewards… so instead of giving us more land they do another STUPID level. One way to get them to listen STOP PAYING FOR THINGS WITH REAL $ You would need to get a majority of players to do this, but you know the competition of people they will spend a lot of $ to get what they want. I again personally find this game boring, the new levels are worse and worse, too many heros yet the balance is way off, IF you should be lucky enough to get one it can literally months or years to get them up there and now all the other BS they add. It’s no longer a fun game


Still don’t understand the need to buff S5 heroes, when they have been making their presence known in the top raid defenses. They were strong enough without the unnecessary buff. I would start buffing Slayers a bit, since they are the only (new) challenge event heroes that have yet to recieve a buff (excluding the mana speed change).

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I still don’t understand the confusion…

Look at 2020:

2 final nerfs to a couple of commonplace hotm

Many buffs to the, at that time… mainline S3

meet the new boss
Same as the old boss…

Most of you voted with your wallets
by purchasing balance via costumes
There was no need for them to maintain a Legendary category after that…

Now the landscape is a swamp

And you all are so shocked…

Does a device stuffed in your face wipe out your memory, and destroy peripheral vision?

If you guys want a great laugh
Come back in a couple years & read the forum
By then…they will be stuffing 8* creeps
into the 5* camp


I was gone about a year and it is hilarious how many “balances” have occurred since my departure. Maybe they should start mumbling when responding to questions.

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We should,
Maybe then we would understand each other.

Read the short C.rampus thread:

:point_right: Right Here :point_left:

Plenty of spenders came out to minimize the costume’s release. Which was…
Krampus’s 2nd appearance…!

We beg for OP heroes
And shrug them off after their release
With “Learn to Play” lectures
That include a handful of counter heroes

Here’s a prominent YouTuber who made a video about the relevance of S1 heroes:

It was actually a video about costumes…

The big spender game is really just an extremely… extremely EXPENSIVE subscription

They get to brag about their $kill
Until they quit spending

The Creep train rolls on

And the 5* camp got overrun with 6-7* creeps
Long ago…

But hey… there are rare 4* costumes you can use/emblem/LB to survive…sometimes… so keep spending!


I spent the most time watching videos by two F2P players. They had moments of exceeding creativity that got parlayed into a distinct playing style.

The whale arms race was an intentional outcome cultivated by the developers.

I am not affected by all the balancing acts post the money grab, just because I stopped spending post the Krampus nerf.
I don’t understand how these two faced thieves can proclaim public good & fairness when:-

  1. they advertise heroes & then make changes. This means that they donot allow players to use the heroes that were on sale.
  2. no disclaimer is given at the time of selling that “this is subject to change & you may end up with a watered down version of what you’re buying/renting”
  3. no money-back or emblems or aether recovery offered in case of any change
  4. they, it seems, cannot make changes pre-release (before they grab the money) but viola, post release (after your money is pocketed) everything is possible & do remember that it is for public good :joy::joy::joy:

Seems like dishonest money grab to me or is it my eyesight???

There should be a regulatory body to govern such corporate thieves


@Sarmale , can you please share the names of the 2 F2P players. Would like some honest opinions/information please!

They are both Romanian players. Demonica is the one account name. We are still friends. The other I don’t recall her account name and don’t want to post her real name.
Demonica was in Be Free, Be Happy!!! a year ago but dunno now. She may still be in the Line group Invatam but dunno if that still exists. You’ll need to know Romanian. I think she can read some Russian too.
Played with her and her husband about 3 years ago. Would watch some of the videos and they looked like good board luck. But then she was usually top 5 in wars and did well on titans. Without a gem purchased roster. So watched all the videos after that.
It is an intuitive style that is more wide open than cautious.

That’s where I differ.
The developers are less to blame.
They cultivate a business.

It’s this behavior:

That props up the business model.

The game was always a gacha.
From the very beginning…

Arguing that with someone who is somewhere between this:

To this:

To this…

The debate not only will vary from player to player, but also will vary based on any player’s position along the long, grindy road…
Avicious created 7dd, by the bye.

But the game has always been a gacha…
No amount of $tragedy will ever change that.

As rare heroes threaten to become stronger than S1 legendary’s…
Balance will continue to flail wildly.