Are season 1 heroes under-powered? No longer relevant? Can they compete in global top 20?

Attacking Global top 20 with only Season 1 heroes? Are they still relevant? Are they under-powered?


NOTE: All of these were one-shots. I had one team that I struggled with and failed 3 times on that one. Every other attempt, as seen here, was a victory.

I like the video but honestly, I think the video is kind of not answer the question, “Is S1 still relevant?”. We all know that Leonidas costume, Marjana costume, Kadilen costume, Elkanen costume are great and probably the best choice in their job today. So, it is obviously that they are still relevant. In most people thought, the question “Is S1 still relevant?” will mean S1 without costume. Since, you use them in the last 3 attack in the video. That is why I think this video is kind of not answer the question.


Seems that costumes are definitely relevant, as far as plain s.1 heros goes, not so much.


In costume I would say yes they are still relevant.
But to keep them relevant you need to keep updating them. Emblems - Costumes - LBs


You should use non-costume 5* S1 heroes if you want to make a proper study.
5* costumes are quite rare and not considered S1.


To be honest, this video is pretty disappointing. It barely has a relation to using S1 heroes only. We all know you have a bunch of maxed troops to support such a team, and it’s not about using their specials smartly or playing the board well. It just boils down to using a mono team against a (much) stronger team, and have enough tiles of the right color. As it has always been.
That’s a perfectly valid strategy of course, but the vid doesn’t add any new insights or so.


These all make them stronger, but not a requirement as seen in the video as almost none are LB’ed (or are 4*), many have little-to-no emblems.

I can only test what I have. The heroes that I have maxed mostly have costumes.

To whom? I do not pretend to speak on behalf of 1.5+ million daily players. Does anyone else?

This is mostly, “Yes, but …” which conversations never help the community in my opinion.

Look at my high titan hit! “Yes, but you have maxed troops … "
Look at my thigh titan hit with unleveled 4* troops! “Yes, but you had 4* troops …”
Look at my high titan hit with 3* troops! “Yes, but you have Miki …”
Look at my high titan hit without Miki and 3* troops!! " Yes, but you have the key EDD and DD heroes …”
Look at my high titan hit without miki, EDD, or DD heroes! “Yes, but you have heroes that are LB’ed and maxed emblems!!”

Look, my titan hit without LBs, emblems, troops or good heroes is awful!!! “See, I told you that you did not play well.”

yes_but copy


I dont see anything special about the videos,
You could win with even 4 stars in mono with good boards as most damage is done thru tiles and not specials.
On the hindsight, I still use 3 to 4 s1 hero 4 and 5 stars together against the top defense and win. I never do mono but play using strategy with either 2, 2, 1 or 3, 2. Again it requires board luck and a good plan and synergy.


Think the answer varies depending each player’s situation. They’re definitely under-powered but not completely useless. Their skills are very straight forward and not very interesting. Their costumes gives them more usage but unfortunately, people have to pull for them in the costume portal. Offensively, depending on the player; these season 1 heroes can still be relevant with certain hero combinations but defensively they’re very lacking with the exception of a few costume versions such as C.Kadilen, C.Marjana, C.Joon etc.

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No longer relevant…Getting there.

Tell me that you won’t get disappointed when you see a Legendary come out of the new Clash of Knights portal, only to see another Kaliden, or Elena, or Sartana come out.
Tell me that you won’t get disappointed when you open your HA10 retrain to see Richard, or Domitia, or Magni come out…without costumes.

The market has suddenly been flooded with new and shiny 5* in the last 4 months. And we’re getting newer, stronger 5* later. Even the 3* in Knights look more desirable than s1 5*.

However, the S1 5* that carried us when we all began our journey, still have relevance in our daily battles.


Wait… are you disagreeing with
"5 star costumes are quite rare"…?

Or… are you disagreeing with
“5 star costumes are not considered S1”?

Speaking on behalf of 1+ million players is a no-brainer in regards to the latter. Costumes are NOT available in your TC because… they are NOT S1 cards. Instead… they are separate cards that can be purchased in a premium portal, And produce separate and certainly stronger results!
Take the costume off… and the new card is still superior to a true…S1:

You can throw $2,000 a month at portals and claim that 5* costumes are abundant. And you wouldn’t be alone.
Yes but… you really shouldn’t


I’m overall pretty positive about all the vids you post, but how does this one add anything for the community? You don’t share any tips or strategies on this one.
You just show you can kill a stronger team by using a mono team.
To me it’s similar to you posting a pic of you in front of a very expensive car and telling everyone: I did so, so can you, without telling how you were able to do that. Is it your car, did you hire it, was it your friends car, did you really work hard to be able to buy it, did you build it yourself?
Without any context or explanation it just isn’t more than showing off.


Sorry but this is not a season 1 hero video… you had costumes for every hero.


Really liked your 3* alliance war videos, it was funny. But this, come on, relevant to whom?

Frigg +20/85 out with 3 tiles. :joy:

Maybe trying with one troop around level 20, one let’s say 11, and three at 1, and not a single costume (or only one?) would have been more interesting.

I’ll keep watching your contents, but this seems not on focus.


If we are talking about pure S1 heroes (no costume bonus, no LB) then i think only very few can be still used effectively, these are the snipers (Lianna, Magni, Joon, Sartana, Marjana) the rest are basically 4*s in the current meta.


Mmmm… you asked a question and I gave an honest answer. But you didn’t appear to like my reply. However it was honest.
Yes you played a team of S1 heroes in offence. But the majority had either the costume or a costume bonus. And some had plenty of emblems and I counted at least one LB …
And let’s be honest you played some strong 5* heroes in costume double Marjana, Leonidas, Kadilen etc etc.
If you had played the same heroes without costumes and without bonus’s then I would have been very impressed.
That said - to go back to your original question are S1 heroes still relevant - my answer remains the same YES, (they are underpowered) but to keep them relevant you need emblems, costumes, LBs and anything new that comes along in the future.
And no disrespect - but I hope my reply does help those colleagues that come in and read posts in the forum.
Take care


I’ll add a little perspective for you @JekylandHyde …

Most free to cheap players I know have 1-5 costume 5* based on luck of summons and maybe lucky ha10 pulls

The people I know that spend heavy run 30-60 pulls in costumes chasing the top tier ones of Leo, Marjana, Kadilen…

Your video is season 1 from a whale perspective, not as a community perspective. Even the big spenders I know usually have 1 of those elite costumes missing that they keep chasing.


Factually not accurate to the video as there were 20 enemy heroes killed. 5 from tiles alone, 12 from specials alone, and 3 from an even mix. That is only 25% from tiles.

All attack strategies rely on board RNG. If 3/2, 3/1/1, 4/1, etc. were so “perfect” and didn’t rely on board RNG then how do they ever lose?

Only because I already have them.

I use quite a few S1 5s to get into the top spots in the towers. I highly doubt I will be switching over to 3* Knights.

Opinion, not fact. IS costume Vanda no longer Morlovian? Is costume Killhare no longer Springvale?

Shall we discuss the definition of a costume? Last time I checked, when I put on a costume, I am still me.

  1. Showing that S1 heroes can still be relevant is valuable for the F2P/C2P crowd.
  2. I make my videos as I enjoy making my videos. I am not under any mandate to be educational in every video or demonstrate a strategy. I’m just a guy that makes videos and enjoys sharing.
  3. I’ll never understand why “showing off” gets such negative press. If people did not show off what can be done, then we would never know the possibilities. Part of what I have enjoyed with E&P (And many life endeavors) is showing what is possible and what I can do with something. If one feels that is negative that is certainly not my issue :slight_smile:

Sorry , this is factually incorrect—twice. These are all S1 heroes. As for them wearing costumes, there were none in the 1st fight.

See not above about “Yes, but …”

So we should only look at S1 heroes without costumes and LB … maybe we should get rid of emblems too and not allow any troops … probably shouldn’t even level them at all. Then we can show they are useless? This is another “Yes, but …”

… strange, how I used Khagan and Thorne, both at 3/70 and no costume to place in the top 10 of the Ninja Towers? Interesting.

So we should only look at S1 heroes without costumes and LB … maybe we should get rid of emblems too and not allow any troops … probably shouldn’t even level them at all. Then we can show they are useless? This is another “Yes, but …”


OP tittle says S1 heroes & not S1 hero - costumes…
a simple tweak of the title will make all the replies, justifications, rationale, disclaimers… accurate
video with non costume S1 chaps performance is also fine :wink: :rofl:

About, the video logic & its message… well, no comments !!!


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