🎪 [MASTER] Starfall Circus Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

Does anyone know if this effect can be resisted by talents or any kind of buff?

IIRC, the leaderboards during League of Villains featured tons of the usual suspects in terms of event teams/ heroes. i don’t see any of these Starfall heroes displacing any of those even with the bonus.

i’m confident ailment protection will help because it works on Underwild biome debuffs: Gato for the rares, Vanda, Grazul, and Garnet for the legendaries. i’m sure i’m missing others.

i don’t know of any innate resistances that prevent color-swapping, but perhaps Monks can withstand.

Probably yes, considering even Elizabeth’s mana slow can be blocked with Vanda, and innate resistances work in Atlantis (Ranvir, Clarissa). But we’ll see, everything is for first time.

Always lock your new heroes right after pull so you will never eat one by mistake

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I always do with heroes (touch wood), but it took me ages to find how to lock troops. Even though I did know how by the time I got the holy ninjas, for some odd reason I failed to actually do it. I was going to feed some 3* troops to a 4* mana, then decided to level up the ninjas instead, but didn’t change over properly. Saw the “are you sure” message but didn’t really take it in until I’d confirmed that I really did want to use the… wait, what? Argh!

Let’s all be careful not to do this with the killer clowns I mean circus heroes, because we’re unlikely to get another chance at them for 10 - 12 months.

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You can via the usual suspects (Monk Class & Grazul/Vanda/Gato/Garnet etc…)

I plan to experiment with my Guardian Chameleon (3.70). Or just 3/2 yurple everything :crazy_face:

Just remember that the event is Yellow Reflect. So taking Yurple is probably the worst idea unless you can clear the level before the star falls even once :stuck_out_tongue:

Taking Yellow outright will result in reflect. Taking purple will result in reflect after a couple turns when the element is changed :slight_smile:


I would think going 4 green/blue/red, with an extra off color healer (Rigard i think will be fine for that even, and esp. cRigard) because of the starfall damage would be the way to go.

whichever color you pick, you’re going to be weak against a few enemies 5 out 15 turns. So normal defense down and attack buff/debuffs will be key, elemental defense down will be very difficult to use. and bring lots of antidotes for those bosses that deal ailments.

we’ll find out tomorrow i suppose!

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The only reason I see this as a potential issue is the Chameleon-effect every five turns, especially with yellow reflect. Purple and yellow seem off limits if you need more than 5 moves?

if we’re talking about top players or the challenge event leaderboards, those players finish most levels in one or two moves, so the Starfall effect won’t come into play for them until possibly the last levels of Epic and Legendary.

I had a hunch they might need 5 moves or more toward maybe stages 9 and 10, but you’re right; I suppose my shiesty comment holds no water - at least in this instance.

I can only dream of that level of competition. The scores that get posted are so sick.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow in your summons and in completing this event! Theobald or bust.

Keeping fingers crossed for duo hero with tiger and Emilio :grin:

As for event idc for score, just hope to finish it.

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It would be really nice if the stages started with Starfall. Then all of us will be in the same boat, struggling with key items locked and heroes’ colors changed. That would also affect those who rush to complete the event in one or two turns and make things more interesting. As it is, for this event sadly the power gap between those that have the key heroes to complete levels in less than 5 turns and those who don’t will become extreme.

Five summons!


86 coins saved - and it paid off!

Also these creeps:

But then I went too confident and done a 10x pull which scored me a 0 squared.

Still happy about the tiger girl - though she’ll compete for tonics with Elradir and not sure who will win.


x10. Only S1 3* and 4* dupes + 1 3* trainer (best from this summon)

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@Petri Lovely Music for Starfall Circus event, best music. Thanks!:relaxed::+1:


Obligatory new event pulls (30x) landed Whacker, Candy, Marcel, Eichelborg and Emilio :heart_eyes: Seems like Gravey has a buddy to do some burning with :sunglasses:


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