🔪 [MASTER] Slayers of Fell Shadows Challenge Event – Guides, Discussion & Summoning Results

One trick someone told me, is this: Look at your opening board. If you can’t make a diamond off the first play, not worth it. If you can, then use Bomb Attacks and Axes on the first wave, use Dragon attacks on the second, and on the last one, use big mana pots, fire everyone’s special and just go ham.


all depends on how willing you are to farm boards that suit the actual team you’re running. i didn’t have Falcon for the longest time, and i managed a leaderboard spot with a green team in Epic (before Franz was even a thing).

rank 95 Nosfentor doesn’t show a Franz. doesn’t necessarily mean the player doesn’t have Franz, but i do think it’s possible (and quite doable) to get top 500 without him.

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Yup, it probably is, but it’d probably take close to the perfect board on every stage, which I’m not willing to try to find.

I do love the competitive aspect of challenge events, but I look at the ROI too. If the cost in refills and items is higher than the cost of buying the mats in an offer, it’s a no go for me.

Sry 4 the late reply- I do have Colen. Didn’t have cillian until last day of event thru a summons

She’s been knocking on my door for years and I always ignored her . . . until she got a costume. Hey, a guy likes mixing things up sometimes, you know? :wink:

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