[Master] Mystic Vision bugs, again


Mystic vision is broken again today.
First the ad (Toon Blast) played and froze at the end (no cross to leave the add and go back to the game), I had to shut the app down.
Then another ad (Sheriff of Mah-jong) started and the app crashed.
Third time around, I get an error message, « sorry, you have used all your mystic visions, please come back later » (meh?).
Then the gem flag reappears, I click, Sheriff of Mah-Jong again, plays till the end and then freezes.
I’m not spending my morning trying to get a Mv reward…

Please fix your decaying game. We need that more than the 15 new 5* heroes a month. :roll_eyes:

Not fixed. Btw, it’s iOS.

I watch a number of Mystic Vision ads a day, which lead to no reward, nothing, just - - > back to the game.
That’s a lousy error. They’re getting paid, and I’m getting nothing, just wasted minutes of my life!
It’s maybe even an error they’re aware of but they benefit from, so they don’t fix it?

I watch the videos, wait the time. When I exit, I get no rewards. This has happened close to a dozen times now. Several a few months ago, and recently 3x

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