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All heroes a 3/70 are fragile!

Right now I am raiding with a team that includes Tree, C Sabina, C Mel, Proteus… some of the most fragile heroes in the game. Winning most of the matchups, so there are definitely ways of offsetting fragility. If I had Lady Locke I would definitely use her, probably slotting her in with Noor/Gulli/Luigi for added survivability


You probably arent getting matched with the same teams i am. Ive been matched up with the top 100 raiders several times. I just removed all of proteus’ emblems because he cant survive long enough. i can gauge how useful a hero is at 3/70. perhaps because of experience thanks to heroes like isarnia and quintus I have learned it is better to stop building a hero at 3/70 than to keep investing when you know they wont perform at higher levels. you sound like a talented player so you will see what i mean when you progress up the scales higher. check the raid leaderboards and count how many teams in the top 100 are using locke. i dont think youll see her there-for a good reason.

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Her defense has to improve. theres no way around that.

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Thanks… I have been world number 1, and i am in a top 50 alliance, so I am doing OK :slight_smile:

Lady Locke is not a good defensive hero. That doesnt mean she is not a good offensive hero, they are often not one and the same.

I am using Proteus vs treams in the 5000-5200TP range, but i am making sure that the tank(s) are not big hitters


question is: would you use lady locke? if you are telling me you use tree and sabina, etc to kill teams in the top 100 i will say i dont believe you. maybe using 25 raid flasks to get yourself in the top 100 is feasible, but not with the likes of the heroes you described.

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Let me ask you this question. Are you calling me a liar?


if you claim you rely on those heroes to accomplish everything, yes.

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There is no challenge to get into top 100 - anyone with a decent roster can do it. Top 1 is very challenging, top 100 - not at all.

I like to give myself different challenges and play around with different heroes. And yes, I can get into top 100 with C Sabina and Tree, without 25 raid flasks. And yes I have done so. Like i said - i reroll on hard hitting tanks, and i take on passive tanks. It can be done that way


maybe youve succeeded at it once or twice but not reliably. defining an overall perspective by a rare occurrence its misleading. so youve done it a few times? that doesnt define the whole. and, no, she doesnt have to be good on defense, but she has to be reliable on offense and she isnt.

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i rarely reroll because i want to learn how to beat teams that are out of my league. i havent arrived at the roster or skill to consistently win with fragile heroes. my pet peeve is heroes that cant survive long so perhaps i am harder on that aspect and more disappointed than others. i just havent got the roster or resources to invest in roulette with a cool hero that dies easily.

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Not every hero will work in every situation. Grimble is awesome - but I won’t use him against non summoner heroes right?

Fragile heroes can have amazing specials, that work against certain heroes well and not against others. Same principle.

Use the right tool for the right job


i would like to have the right tools lol and some ascension mats please! are there not any heroes you find useless for you specifically?

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Yes… Reuben. Most S1 non costume 5* heroes. Captain Nemo. GM (for me - I know many others love him). Etc, etc. Oh and I got the useless HOTM this month too.

I would definitely use Lady Locke if i got her, though

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reuben i left alone, too. i think arfanias looks good lol what dont you like about him?

He is OK - i meant the weak water damage guy from july

i havent looked at him yet. if magni, marjana and joon are season 1 heroes welcome to my mainstay heroes lol

I served my time in your position. I used those types of heroes in my first 2 years in the game.

Joon is OK, i still use him (costume version - marginal upgrade).

Never liked Marjanna. Never liked Magni either. I am not a fan of snipers in general

oh, gotcha. i dislike joon because he is more fragile than magni. i did get ureaus and emblemed him and im happy with him. i finally emblemed marjana but only because i have no other good candidate in her class and was sitting on 1500 emblems. one day im sure those will be moved. what do you think of nadezhda?

I really like C. Joon and C.Magni