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There is no reset between normal and impossible; it’s just a continuation. Curses carry over as well as blessings.

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i am wondering if its done on purpose
because small players finish normal and stop
especially when all heroes are cursed :rofl:

Finished within 50k going for Impossible 25. I barely used any items, since I wasn’t going to compete anyway. Mostly small health/ mana potions and a handful of Tornadoes to save my elemental def down heroes that are out after one curse.

40-50k is roughly the same rank I had last Ninja Tower only going for completion with no big items used.

Ironically the “Impossible” stages were arguably easier, given the amount of stacked blessings.


Final placing below. Safely in Top 500 which was the target.


Earlier in the event I used all my regular flags and ended up here:

Thinking that my rank was a bit too low and that I would drop out of it by the end, I decided to use one flask to climb a bit more:

I left it there, and this is my final rank:

More enjoyable and easier than Ninja.


I went to 33rd level of impossible. Didn’t finish mostly due to lack of time during the weekend (family stuff). Next time I need to make more stages Wed-Fri. Until 33rd floor of Impossible, I found it easier than Ninja. Mostly because of blessings. Also I like this 1/5 curses option based on the class. Thanks to this (and blessings) I found a real niche for my Reuben. I used him really much here. With attack up, he dealt 400-500 damages to 3 enemies and with fast mana it was really helpful. He can also stand 5 curses.

I was against this 25 - 50 split, but it works quite good.

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I ranked 20.522 with all levels completed, I took more than 20 minutes for some stages so it´s probably that people who don´t finished ranked above me.

The towers work that all people who completed are ranked above those that didn’t irrespective of score. So this just means 20521 people finished it with a better score than you.

Someone on level 49 with a higher score will place beneath you.


I wasn’t able to play till the 3rd day so I only finished 25 levels and got 21 curses.

Did anyone finish it? How many curses did you get/ how many heroes did you lose?

Tip: If a hero has a costume and gets cursed you can still use their costume form and vice versa.

My summary is here, won’t rewrite everything…

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I was so curious/silly to buy 5 flasks. Ranked 21.333, because I got a connection error and lost one stage, so technically I did not complete, missing one stage.
Assuming that there are not many like me, buying 5 flasks and not completing, this means less than 25000 players bought five or more flasks trying to complete, less then 22000 players completed. An alliance mate who is really good at this ranked arround 45.000 without buying a single flask. This means less than 50.000 players bought a single flask or more. Lets assume the finishers bought 5 flasks. 5?X 22000 =11000, another 30.000 players bought an average of 3 flasks, that would be 200000 flasks or 1 Mio gems.
Assume half of the gems came from ingame incentives, they sold an extra 500.000 gems, lets say for
800.000 $ . Nothing to sneer at but is this worth alienating large parts of the player base ?
This could be a longterm desaster. :frowning:

Fortunately I could get enough tower coins for a third summon (S1 Tiburtus) for my 250 gems and some 100 emblems. So it was no total loss, due to some major blessings I earned as many battle items as I spend, so it was the extra time. 3.5 hours grinding time for 100 emblems.

Doubt I will repeat it.

Happy gaming

Not exactly true. Reached floor 20 impossible without any problems using mostly 4 star costumed and emblemed heroes and one 5 star not costumed not emblemed.

With the right blessings my team was:
Boldtusk (no emblems), Costumed Kiril (full emblem), Mist (full limit break and emblems), Caedmon (costume and full emblems), Sartana (no costume, no emblems)

Dragon attacks, Bomb attacks, Mana potions, Minor mana potions

The big problem is lack of tower energy points to try to complete all levels at least once without spending gems.

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No. to be able to play all for free at least once is fair.

Now, if you mess up and want to continue or want to be much better than others, care about high ratings and leaderboard then it is also fair to be able to spend to achieve that and get better rewards.

To be honest, after the normal levels up to level 25 (impossible), where I stopped due to lack of energy points (did not want to buy flasks), it was not a challenge. After the blessings piled up it was just a bit time consuming.

What :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting: rewards…I got rewarded only 10 emblems of every skill…
If anyone got rewards for the easy level tower ?
Or you as well got only for the hard level???:roll_eyes::scream::scream::scream:

Was the bonus Boss Level Mana blessing worth it? I got it thinking it would be great to be at full charge going into the final stage, but somehow even after firing all specials and emptying the mana bar, the tiles cascaded and gave me a full charge. So that blessing was wasted.

I think it only helps the Ninjas and Magicians, but not the common folk.

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Here is how Cristobal plays in live action!


Final Result

I decide to finish and used 5x +1 Tower Energy flask, due to one stage error lost network connection.

Not as hard as Ninja Tower, because of blessing and heroes depth on Magic Class.


Last floor:

Final blessing:



I was prepare and plan since about 3 month ago, to level 2nd Melendor for Ninja Tower or Magic Tower, so I decide to reuse TC20, but never get Melendor, and finally get Melendor from Magic Tower Portal :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
IMAGE 2021-09-23 03:18:41


A million times this.

On the topic of a million,

A bit over 1.07 million accounts interacted with the tower. I did three levels for one of the POV daily tasks one day since there were no better quest options.


They want people to spend 250 gems to complete the tower, but by their own admission, gems are “the most valuable resource”


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