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It’s time for Find Recruits !

@u2371 brought up the idea to have individual topics for the classic quests as those players who are new to the game might consider it helpful.

In this Quest you can earn recruits for finishing the levels, which can be used to train/retrain heroes in the Training Camp or Hero Academy.

Start dialogue

End dialogue

:world_map: Quest Guide

Credit: @Zartanis

:left_speech_bubble: Share Your Team & Results!

Questions to newer players:

  • What team did you use ?
  • Did you had any problems in finishing the event ?
  • What items did you use (if any) ?

Questions to veteran players:

  • What would you suggest to newer players who are still struggling to finish it ?

:question: Are you still completing this quest ?

  • Yes, always.
  • Yes, but only when there is no other World Energy consuming event is running (Challenge event, Atlantis Rises, etc…)
  • Rarely
  • No

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I believe someone did the math before, and this quest does not make sense on a recruits-per-WE ratio. so I always skip it


Perhaps it’s time to improve with:
1 lower the energy
2 improving the recruit number
3 add troop and trainer

Curious, what do you need so many recruits for? I ask because I’ve been destroying recruits over time to free up food/iron.

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I run HA6, HA10, 3 TC20 and 1 TC 2 so I always have need for recruits :slight_smile: between food, iron and recruits it’s recruits that I could use more of


Interesting as I run the exact same thing. I rarely collect my advanced house (only when I need to get recruits for HA10 without changing anything else), I don’t always go below max recruits, and I still have way more than I need.
Maybe I have more world energy (66) so I get more from farming?

Maybe you farm more effectively? I also have 64 WE :stuck_out_tongue: or do you back your HA and TC up?

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TC20s are at 50 days each. TC2 is currently at 36 days, but I’ll get it back to 50 with AR. HA6 is at 211 days.

TC20s used to be around 300 days. HA6 used to be around 500 days. I’ve destroyed a lot.

I use my world energy flasks, I rarely have unused WE flags, and generally farm avatar missions.

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Hmm do you do a lot of troop levelling or hunter’s lodge crafting? I don’t, (for troop levelling I do it slowly and steadily with whatever excess food I have) so I just shunt my food, iron and recruits into AL, HA and the TCs.

I had to withdraw a few ha6 and tc20s recently because I decided to shift to tc1 when I ran out of backpacks for a bit. Still didn’t have to destroy anything

Currently my 3 tc20 are at 10 days each, ha6 is at 5 days

I also use all my WE and mainly farm avatar missions. I have enough recruits to stock up, though I always could use more :wink:

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I always do the first stage of the find recruits quests. Then stop.

I don’t do a lot of hunter’s lodge crafting (I think). I do have 200+ hurricanes and 100 scrolls
I think I do a decent amount of troop leveling. I have a full set of 29, 17, 17 four star troops. I also have two 15 for each two star troop.
I always have heroes I’m leveling.

I’m quite confused about our disparities.

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I think it’s the troops that are the differentiator, perhaps in the priority we place on them. Maybe that’s why you have more need of food than I do?

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