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It’s time for Find Battle Items !

@u2371 brought up the idea to have individual topics for the classic quests as those players who are new to the game might consider it helpful.

In this Quest you can earn battle items for finishing the levels, which can be used in further battles.
The battle items are bit better than what you can earn in Find Battle Items I.

Start dialogue

End dialogue

:world_map: Quest Guide

Credit: @Zartanis

:left_speech_bubble: Share Your Team & Results!

Questions to newer players:

  • What team did you use ?
  • Did you had any problems in finishing the event ?
  • What items did you use (if any) ?

Questions to veteran players:

  • What would you suggest to newer players who are still struggling to finish it ?

:question: Are you still completing this quest ?

  • Yes, always.
  • Yes, but only when there is no other World Energy consuming event is running (Challenge event, Atlantis Rises, etc…)
  • Rarely
  • No

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I only do Find Battle Items 2 when it includes the raid flask


Second.that…I also complete only when it includes raid energy flask… Other ones with arrows etc I just ignore!

Perhaps the poll should include…"Complete only when raid energy flask is included ".

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Does Find Battle Items II… change up with rewards? Every time it appears for me, it ALWAYS has a flask. Unless we mean Find Battle Items I, which is always x3 minor healing, x3 minor mana, x3 arrows. I started skipping that one entirely.

Recruit reward for old quests should be upgraded, at least that. 12 flags for 9 recruits. It’s sad.

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count me in as someone who only does this when the Raid flask is a reward. everything else, I will just craft

The raid flask looks a bit tempting, but since quests never give any troops I never actually do this quest