[Master Discussion] - Fated Summon (Counter doesn’t reset on list change)

Thank you :slight_smile:

I will do that :slight_smile:

i vote for Lord Loki…

Do you guys think that I should pull Lord Loki dupe?. I had one Loki now I’m thinking to take Lord Loki again from Fated Summon. What is your opinion?. Bera and Sif look charming too ://

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I will take second loki too, he will subtitute my kiril/isarnia. I have taken bera first. For sif, sif is great but she is supporter, great in raid sometime need for longterm event like tower.

First I took Heimdall and He’s very usefull especially hp boost. But now I’m at 81/100. I’ll probably take Second Loki or Bera. What do you think about Bera.Is she usefull at map stages or events ? The only thing i dont like about loki is that we cannot use him in map stages :confused: he attacks only one enemy 275%.

LoLo is a great hero, but I wouldn’t take a second one… Well, unless you already have so many heroes that you don’t need anything else :wink:
For me, three characters stand out in this list: LoLo, Grimble and Bera. Do you have them all?

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You have a point. As a F2Player, I dont have too much 5* heroes. This is the main reason why i have not still decided to take a second one or not. You’re probably right. Grimble also great. But I think Bera will be much more suitable for my team. I need minion summoning hero. Is Bera powerfull hero ?

Bera is great for minion wars

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So you can safely take her - she’s worth it. I also mentioned Grimble because I like slow heroes and thanks to him you can load them much faster (for example Alfrike).

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Finally got myself Heimdal
My only other Overhealers are 2x Gulli, so it’s nice to have a 5* one.
I have the mats for any other colour except Purple and already have a few purple’s waiting to be maxed (Hel/cHel + Turgurak) but I only have 3x Tabards, so figured it’s pointless getting Bera, so Heimdal was my only other one (I got Loki recently, I already have 2x Malosi, and everyone else I already have or don’t want except Gefjon).

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I wanted heimdal… Then i got Arco from se and charon/steropes… So that itch for over healing has been scratched… I don’t see needing him… Though I have a crap ton of tonics.

I have costume Heimdal, Bera, Loki, probably some others too and I took Lord Loki eventually. I don’t think I will level him up any time soon but would prefer to have at least 3 for war depth

I don’t like how hard loki hits… And some of that is me embleming him for survival… So where he shines is to mimic support heroes. Heal… Minions… Blind…

I’m at 29/100. I can probably limit my pulls to 71 in the next 107 days… But that doesn’t seem like a good decision either.

I did look forward to the next fated… Maybe alfrike is there… Maybe the next crop of hotms have some i want and need… Maybe s2 is replaced with old event heroes… Or… Maybe it has new hotms, but another refresh of s3/2 trash.


I don’t mind copying Khufu either