[Master Discussion] - Fated Summon (Counter doesn’t reset on list change)

I Would pick Milady de Winter, I love her!!

We know the current list set up in the game, it’s there in the open. It’s just the same list as the first FS at the moment… We ain’t hiding anything dude.


seriously, will the list be repeated the first time?

Hopefully not, but so far that’s what is programmed into the game.

Edit: also staff said we should have a brand new list:


I feel the same too. This one too many good picks, makes the next uncountable for good pick

Given their signposting of SE - is it possible they’ve decided to take control of the leaks as much as possible and they’ll push a new list on Sunday evening/early Monday morning?

Edit - I know that from a dev perspective that would be madness, but safety doesn’t seem to be top of their agenda at the mo.

They can push it anytime indeed but the later, the more risky it is. Especially with the issues they had yesterday to push the balance update… Would be a shame if they push the new list AFTER the third FS starts. It’s not like it already happened with featured heroes in summon gates though…
For Sunday update, they usually never do any update on weekends because no one is at work then. The only updates they do during weekends is when there is an urgent matter and the personnel on on-call duty that weekend got to rush to office to fix it asap.


Dear Elioty33,
Why would they put the same heroes on the next FS (previous heroes). Of course we will have new heroes on 18th Sep. There is no way they put previouss heroes. Because It does not make any sense. Am I right?

Yes, based on Staff’s response what I have mentioned here yesterday there will be a new list.

Their exact response about whether there will be a new list or repeat of the former one:


Who knows?! I’m just a messenger. I’m just telling the community what is hiding in the game AT THE MOMENT. I can’t foresee whatever SGG plans to change before they actually implement the change…


“unforeseen technical issues”… let’s hope not :scream:


I looked at the fake list… And thought… Yeah… I can work with this.

Conga, Athena, lizzy, a second alfrike… But i suppose it wasn’t meant to be.

If they work until late in the evening, is it possible that we will have this real list today?

So my question is how you got to reply with less than 20characters of “no”-ness? :smile:

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Yes, its possible. Or maybe they get bored on the Weekend with all that spare time and just go to work, so we could also get the list tomorrow…it’s just a question of how likely a scenario is :thinking:

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Or they can just setup an alarm early Monday morning and set the list then.

Or in the worst case scenario after the first reports about “We have seen this list” already after the new list is arrived.

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At this point I don’t think the unforeseen technical issues are unforeseen, they are definitely foreseen, we just never know what the issue will be, since lately they are always having technical issues.


Looks like the FS is ready, waiting for graphic from Tudanech

Let them give me a list and I’ll make the graphics for them myself :smiley:

Oh, so what is the new list? it has been stated plenty of times there is no new list yet