[Master] - Are talent / ability odds fake? -- Excessive Dodge/ Revive/ Resist/ "Flesh Wound" etc

Are there no other thoughts on this? I just had a raid battle where Boldtusk revived 6 times in a row. This is rediculus. In the next battle a hero revived atleast 2 fallen heros 3 times in a row. These kinds of things should not happen.

Repeat after me


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Yes i know. I am not sugesting anything nefarious but i do think the tallents and specials activate more often for decenses.

In my case the talent i’ve been really hating is dodging from rogue class
Marjana dodging is 599805%
Frigg dodging around 999600532%
The first place goes to Zocc i remember in a raid
I have lord loki so i copied zocc he dodged the damage but got the mindless effect
He attacked him self and dodged it
I sniped him with gefjon he dodged it
I struggled to finish him
It was so ridiculous how the CPU pre set every dodge /revive /tiles etc the moment you hit attack

It’s wonderful for fighters on the defence team.

My Poseidon reluctantly revives himself maybe 1 out of 100 deaths. In attack.

When I face a fighter on the defence team, I have since learnt to have another hitter on standby for Revive #1. Plus have plan B for Revive #3. And so on.

I lost one well played match because the last man standing in defence was a Fighter. My last man standing wasn’t.

When raid vs milena, my team ninja + hanitra skill never dodged, weird?

:joy::rofl: and you are surprised ?

Would you feel better if the CPU works slower?

Would you feel better if i feel better?

That depends if the fighter is gonna revive and wreck my team

It’s obvious there is a difference in percentage chance for these skills offense vs. defense. SG should list them as such in the hero description.