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I know Mana speed varies from slow medium too fast and maybe it’s me but has anyone else noticed that when you play against certain Heroes it’s like they have a buffer that really slowed out your Mana intake. I don’t know any other way to describe it but you may play against a hero and depending on the other Heroes their group with your Mana intake with in 5 Moves maybe even have full to full but then you put them with other Heroes and it’s like if you’re within 10 moves your mana is not Half let a long full. It’s like there’s a buffer that really slows down your manner intakes when you play against certain Heroes. I hope I explained it and you understand :joy::joy::joy::joy:

There’s no buffer, but I guess if you are bringing someone like isarnia (slow) against gravemaker (very fast), it could seem that way. Emblems and Tripp’s can speed it up but nothing slows it down except for certain heroes, such as onatel.

Are you familiar with ghosting times, there are techniques to work the board and speed up your mana gain.


No never heard anything like ghosting items

Do a search and you’ll find it.

Basically, if you shoot tiles into an empty space, it doubles the mana gain. Take grave maker for example. It takes 6.5 tiles to get his mana full. If you ghost 3 tiles, he gains mana for 6 tiles. If he has enough troops or emblems to increase his mana gain, he could power up just with those three tiles. Hope that makes sense.


Many heroes can reduce or slow the mana of your heroes, including:

  • All Sorcerers with Talents

  • 3*: Gan Ju, Azar, Rudolph, Carver, Chochin

  • 4*: Chao, Li Xiu, Little John, Proteus, Merlin, Hansel, Gretel, Peters

  • 5*: Guinevere, Mitsuko, Alasie, Hel, Onatel, Leonidas, Boss Wolf, Natalya

Are there particular heroes you’ve noticed reduced mana gain while fighting?


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@zephyr1 has a comprehensive archive of pre-planned responses in his Proteus Creation Space just waiting to be posted.

@JonahTheBard drives by the PCS everyday on his way to work so maybe we can ask him to infiltrate @zephyr1’s workplace after work to see what other responses he has in store for us


Yes I just can’t recall them off the top of my head but at the same time like I said I think it depends on the pairing with because they can be paired with a whole different group and it’s a whole different outcome

If you think there might be an issue, record some video, and then go back and watch it and count tiles needed to get the mana bar to fill. Pay attention to when effects that reduce, steal, slow, or stop mana are applied.

If you find something where no mana slow, mana cut, mana lock or the like is active, but where mana fill is still too slow, then it’s worth making a support request to get SG to look at it.

But unless you count tiles regularly and make a mental note of which mana effects are active, it can be really hard to tell what is going on.


This feeling I have too.
I do not think anybody can explain having Obakan with fast, consuming NINE tiles does not fill up his special skill.
It is a raid, nobody hit him and reduced his mana…
Normally a fast mana hero must achive his SS after 8 tiles…
I need to shot a movie about.

Without a screenshot, it’s hard to say. There are some talents that can cause a hero to fire more slowly. We’re there any emblemed sorcerers on the other side?

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