Making any player not active for 100 days bootable

I think that alliances with leaders who haven’t played for 100 days should be bootable, I looked at joining another alliance and lots of alliances have members who are active but also members and leaders who haven’t been on for 2 years in some cases, this doesn’t seem fair to the players in these alliances who want to progress but are not able to, therefore it’s only fair that leaders and all other players should be bootable after 100 days

The players that want to progress will go to other alliances

If they can’t figure that out, then I’m glad they’re not in the recruiting pool

Just sayin

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Yeah I know that, but what’s the point of having loads of alliances with players that have not been active in years especially leaders?

Idk. Guess could ask why not?

I mean they’re already opted out of wars

And their actual accounts wont be deleted

So it’s not like making this change would free up server space or change much of anything at all

But would require devs to put in extra work for a change that makes no change

I just don’t see the upside i guess. And i know personally anything i want to put time or work into changing, there has to be some kind of upside or what’s the point.

And the change could bring in unanticipated work loads as well. Idk how long you’ve been watchin these guys work, but anything they do will come with bugs, crashes, fails, flaws, and more screw ups than fixes. So basically you’re lookin at a change that would be a 6 month to a year process, pulling focus from more important features, and at the end of the day it would make such a miniscule difference once all said n done that we would forget why they even bothered with it in the first place but would remember all the bs that came with bothering with it.


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