M y s t i c s is looking for members

Hello ladies and gentlemans,

We are a friendly and active, somehow competitive alliance looking for new members to bolster our ranks.
We use LINE and Facebook messenger to communicate in case a reset or some urgent titan damage is needed.
On LINE you can find usefull guides that can help you become stronger and also we got a lot of experienced players that can help you with an advise any time you need!
What you need to become a member of our alliance:

  • be active( of course life happens and its understandable but let us know if you can’t enter and opt out from wars)
  • be friendly
  • be communicative( communication is the key)
  • have desire to win wars and beat the titans
  • 800 trophies

Feel free to apply and lets have a great time!
Together we are stronger, together we can do anything!

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