"Loot"/Materials Increase Balance [NEEDED]

Loot is a loose term for emblems, ascension materials, WE flasks, and anything to do with leveling up heroes and making them serviceable, etc.

If you are going to do the power creep (which needs to be capped btw), not listen to us, and keep forcing all of these heroes upon us without time to breathe, you need to compensate for that by increasing the number of items we get to level these guys up, I can’t tell you how many I have sat doing nothing and probably won’t get leveled at all as I don’t have the mats, emblems, aethers, etc, for them and by the time I do there’s probably a newer, better hero who has to have them and the cycle goes on.

I’m not asking for you to give us x100 scopes, tabards, darts, etc, as obviously, you will still need to sell them to the whales - I’m asking for a logical increase that will allow players to at least acquire the mats needed in a span of 3 months-ish per each color instead of at least 6 and that’s with PoV - an increase in both free ways and in the PoV and even adding them to the PoG (needed to make it more worth it) would be welcome.

Also, whilst people stockpile their WE flasks, there are quite a few who are trying to get through all of the hard modes, etc, however, we just don’t get enough flasks per month, with PoV AND PoG I get around 20 ish, slightly more with RNG maybe - that will last me around >8 provinces with allowing energy to recoup - that’s just not satisfactory - as above, an increase in free ways and also in the PoV & PoG.

And emblems are a huge issue, these emblem quests don’t give us nearly enough, we need 1500 for a 5* and we get a measly 22 of that type from the quest, it’s not even worth doing when Mystic can occasionally spew out 30 - they need an increase across the board, seriously - once again free ways, PoG & PoV increase.

And whilst we’re on the topic of emblems, the reset emblems need a static appearance rate, every other quest or something (2 a month), we haven’t had one in ages now, and having them random is ridiculous - also, why not add them to the PoG/PoV along with an aether reset in the PoG?

Aethers could also do with an increase, the event comes around once per month so we get the same color every 5 months, meaning like the above with the mats we can only LB a 5* only twice a year-ish, possibly 3 if you’re lucky with the specific color 5* aether dropping and from PoV - an increase to the amount we get across the board from the event is needed and an increase in the PoV.

Remove the gem fee from Alchemy Lab 10, and replace it with 1m food cost - we already have the rare resource, we aren’t getting another, just exchanging it for a RANDOM different one, this is no place to charge gems for such a service.

With the way you have it right now, you’re not allowing anyone to be remotely “competitive” across all 3 rarity types with tournaments, raids, wars, events, etc - all different heroes are required half of the time and we’d like to be able to actually level them to their potential instead of only having a couple of good teams max.

Also, for your paid offers… How about starting with making them good? You’re not doing much enticing when you literally scrape back on previous offers to make them even worse than they were, you know full well that most of us gauge 1 pull to around $/£, do better - last Christmas you did a bunch of EHT on your webstore for a decent rate below £1:1 pull, I bought them all, same for ToL, I haven’t done since as they’re all rubbish now, PoV and PoG need an update too, I dont feel like I’m getting £30 worth from them, give us actual okay value and you’ll be shocked that people are more enticed to buy it, basic business.

Please, guys, vote this up and comment what else you want increased and I’ll update the post, something has to happen otherwise it’s going to just dry up eventually, what we are receiving just isn’t enough, free and pass holders.

Edits added by request:

More food/ham, same as above from free ways and an increase in packages in the PoV/PoG.

More recruits from stages and advanced house.

More feeder heroes from stages.

@Petri please have a look at this as something needs to be done, an update is in order.


Agreed. I appreciate the need to run a business and sell stuff but you’ve hit the nail on the head. As with @BobTheSnark 's rare quest crusade correctly points out - the insane release rate of heroes vs the rest of the game standing still isn’t sustainable - even if you sell everything.

The emblems quest is especially pertinent - and you can see they know as you can now buy emblems on a regular basis.

Make the game more fun - and be more generous - and maybe you’ll get some of the C2P spending a bit more.


I remembered their response to why Valhalla Forever didn’t have what Atlantis Rise had, it was because the increase to materials gained during the reduced energy period “was a detriment to the game economy.” They even went on to nerf Atlantis Rise’s rare enemy spawn amount from infinity to 40.

But now we have hundreds of heroes, at least twenty different events scheduled across the calendar, and we don’t have much time OR rewarded many materials to keep up with everything in the game. I’d argue, the events and the overabundance of heroes on top of the extremely limited roster space given to players ruins the game economy. What’s there to invest in?

So far, the only QoL we’ve gotten is a possibility of ascension quests (the 6 rare quests that come around every so often in the week) will probably have their own stable days for once and not be pushed back whenever a Challenge Event or Alliance Quest comes around.


Letting my vote. I agree.


You have my vote. Add to that an increase in food and iron. Leveling used a lot.


It’s the old blinkered approach of “We’re not making enough money - put the prices up !”.

Which usually results in even lower sales and potentially even less overall profit.

It doesn’t matter if your profit margin is 1000% because you price yourself out of the market and you hardly sell anything. You can sell a lot more at 100% margin and make more pounds, dollars, euros etc.

If slightly lower prices are offered on an occasional basis then the uptake will be greater meaning more income. (Of course if you do the offers on a regular predictable schedule then no-one will buy except on the offer.)


Yeah, well - unfortunately these guys don’t seem to be able to grasp that, a lot of things even.


Not so much iron, however, I will definitely include more food in the post as it’s pretty dire.


Yes. This is a good proposal


yup, very much agree.

before, we just needed to pull the hero, and ascend/max.

Now -

  1. We gotta emblem them
  2. we gotta LB1 them
  3. we gotta LB2 them

the above is why I prefer PvE to PvP: in PvE, I can mix and match and bring heroes who don’t have a lot of emblems, who aren’t LBed, and just enjoy my roster. in PvP, I tend to stick to the same few heroes who have actually gotten that “far” re emblems and LB…

oh and gem costs for roster space are still the same, too :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like many aspects of the game…like loot…needs to be renormalized. Because the game is in a much different state now and we need alot more resources/time to advance.


Added “More recruits from stages and advanced house.” and “More feeder heroes from stages.” to the community responses - from Reddit.

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Was told that AR is old and folk want the new content. Over the years of each AR nerf …Me n guvnor fought for this each time … Even gave a calendar to work it fair to players. :roll_eyes:

As for op yeah a slight increase in loot drops would be nice even in the chests for each event.
Prob is a 4* mat could bee a super mana pot it need to be a non farm mat that is mentioned in the loot drop that has increased .


Not so sure what you would define as “slight” but I reckon it needs to be worded a little more strongly than that, and it wouldn’t be “nice”, it’s needed.

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As i was looking for something else stumble across this … Its from the q&a 2021


well hero’s max level has done everything but stay as it was so time to increase the mats…


Exactly, this is the “proof” we need, not like we needed any! @Petri Check out the above.


Added to the list to scrap the gem fee for Alchemy Lab 10 as it’s not fair nor makes sense when we don’t get any additional resource out of it, we’re just exchanging.

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I don’t disagree with this, but I will point out that it comes off as “Gib mor fre stuff, cuz reasons!”

You’ve got to adress THEIR concerns as well as yours are you aren’t going to get anywhere. They see your suggestion as a cut to their income. You have to explain to them why it’s not. Good luck with that.