Little help regarding my team

Dear E&P community,

I think I’m becoming addicted to this game and I recently bought almost all the christmas offers, which gave me 4 5 stars heroes and numerous 4s.

I am a big fan of raids, I love raids and basically this is why I play (I do some wars, titans and story but get my kick out of raiding).

Here are the 5 stars I have :

Magni / Blue
Sartana / Purple
Evelyn / Green Hotm
Kadilen / Green

My current team :

Sartana corner left
Magni mid left
Wilbur 4 star red center
Chao 4 star yellow mid right
Evelyn corner right

I have a different 4 stars that I keep just in case : Boldtusk / Merlin / Sonya / Skittleskull / Cyprian / Sabina / Hu tao.

The fact is that I feel I could have a great tank use of kadilen since I don’t think wilbur really is a tank and his special isn’t super strong in raid/ PLUS evelyn buff and heal would make kadilen even stronger and hard to kill.

I would replace wilbur with Boldtusk and completely stop using a yellow hero for raids.

Would it be good ? Would you know if double colors in raid can be effective ?

I’m looking for advice from experienced pvp players.

Thank you for reading me.

Double color can be very effective in raids and war. Many like to run a 2-2-1 or 3-2. I prefer 2-1-1-1. Some do run a 4-1 but that’s can be too risky relying on board luck.

annoying thing I just realized though is that I’ll need double troops :confused:

Once you have at least 2 of the same color that are strong, it’s easier to use 2-1-1-1. If weaker then need that 3rd color to make up for attack power. Example on guin. Have 2 maxed 5* purple and take her down with 7 tiles area. If both are not maxed then it may take 10 or more to take her down. By then chances are her special has went off. Not unbeatable when she does but a heck of a lot harder.

Yes that’s very true. I have spent a year and a half getting at least 2 good Mana troops of every color. Troops can make a much bigger difference than some account for.

And yes this game can be highly addictive but it’s also a serious grind. Not a lot of short cuts. SG only puts the items out on specials. So spending helps but it’s not always there to buy when you need it.

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