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I’m the same way. I enjoy watching your content.


New HOTM! How good is he?

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Thanks for your patience as I get moved in to my new place. My new studio is finally ready for it’s reveal! Join me 2021-06-06T15:30:00Z for our war VS Walhalla!

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About to go live!

20 characters

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This defense is doing particularly well in the current tournament. Here’s why!


All right, and now I break down all of the new legendary heroes:

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Next war livestream is on the docket! We’re taking on Die Dunkelelfen.

All right, here are my Starfall Circus summons! Enjoy!

Here are my thoughts on the Starfall Circus rare and epic heroes!

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Emilio is all power-leveled up and ready to battle! Let’s take him for a spin…

I’d try pairing him with GM. Both are VF and would fire at the same time – fire GM first (i.e., “any enemy with burn” = True), followed by Emilio and you should have Emilio’s OP part of his special rolling.

DrB, good thought, but I think Marjana takes more advantage of the two heroes’ specials. GM’s burn is already really good and it’s actually higher per turn, so Emilio actually kind of ruins what GM is doing. Marjana, on the other hand, deals sniper damage to a hero and then Emilio turns her small little burn into one that lights the whole team on fire. Of course, as you pointed out, the benefit of GM is getting to use Emilio’s big burn earlier, but I kind of like that Marjana is fast, which staggers the two heroes’ specials so there’s almost always a burn effect up. There is a tradeoff there.

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Season 4 is back already?? Well, how are the new heroes, Hannah and Morel?

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Elisabeth and Hannah look similar. So, how do they compare? Which one is better?

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! No livestream because I’m out of town visiting my dad, but I did record my war hits for you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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