Limit Break Advice

Just curious how people are distributing their aethers or if they are hoarding them and why?
Are you saving all of them for 5*s?

For 5* and key 4* heroes, like C.Kiril.

I just maxxed C.Sonya

Realize that you need battle manuals, per level, when limit breaking a 4*

To be honest everything is new with these aethers and LBs. So currently there is no right or wrong way to distribute / allocate them.
From what I have seen so far, players are already allocating aethers to limit break 3*, 4* and 5* heroes.
And from what I am reading in the forum / Facebook / Line Groups etc - some players are holding onto them until they understand “what’s best” practice.
Me personally I am holding out and not rushing into anything …. It’s a game of patience


@JGE agreed
what i found interesting is that one has to partially limit break the base hero, before they can do the costumed one

I will empower essential 3* and 4* heroes and then put the rest on my 5*.

I would instant empower Kvasir for example as the is a must have for every tournament, the same goes for Gullimbursti for rush battles or Mist, for buff booster.

Having no s3/s4 5* heroes but Grefjon also support this choice…

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those are good ideas, with Kvasir and Gullinbursti,I would actually include Grevle in that lineup


Grevle is a very good hero, he is also in my list :slight_smile:

Yeah I was thinking along these lines (of withholding) especially considering they seem to be quite rare, and you can’t get them back once used. Thought maybe people had already figured out the most practical way of distributing them.

I love and use Yellow pig healer and Beeman all the time, both emblemed to the Max as well, would love to use on those, just don’t want to jeopardize the possibility of giving it to a decent 5*

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I limit broke Costume Gunnar, and not regretting that, as him alone let me do well in the recent 3* raid tournament even against teams with 5 LB heroes. It was cheap on aether so no regrets there.

Rest, I’ll hoard for my 5 stars. Meanwhile, trying to figure out what will be the best order. Some colors are easy - like for blue it’s going to be 100% Cobalt as I have him for my Raid and War defense + I use him a lot offensively. But some colors are more tricky. Like for purple - I think offensively ascending Alfrike is best, as she can single handed win raid if she stands long enough. Defensively, she’s used for vf wars and weeklies. But in my normal defense I have Onyx, and in my War defense outside vf I tank with Freya (whom I do not use anywhere else so I’d hate giving her the aethers). Choosing one will be tough. So I’ll take it slowly.

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I believe minion summoners like kvasir, bera, and noor would benefit greatly from limit breaks. All stats are useful for them - health and attack for their minions benefit them and the rest of the team and defense helps the hero survive to fire off more minions.

Seen quite a few LB 3* heroes in the tournaments. But at 5* in raids I mainly see Cobalt and Krampus and a couple of times it’s been Skadi