Life Hacks - Undocumented Functionality 🤖

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Next Titan

Titans appear every 23 hours, so tomorrow’s Titan will appear 1 hour before today. If I set my Titan reminder for 2:00 PM today, I just set it for 1:00 PM tomorrow. For night time titans I adjust the time of the next alarm, but turn it off.

Default teams

Nice. Glad they changed that. My team #1 is still my raid attack from when team #1 was always the raid attack default.


Above the gear icon is the time remaining until your next war energy ( some people do not know this )

Borrowing LadySuzanne’s image.

Clicking on the list of attacks in the upper rigoht ( LadyGrey <9> Walrus ) displays Attack info menu ( full Attack History and Top Attackers)

Clicking on an alliance banner ( example We Don’t Kneel) displays the current remaining war energy. This information persists even after the war until next Matchmaking.

Clicking on “Find Opponent” finds an opponent roughly the level of your remaining heroes. Tap anywhere else to deselect, then tap again to reroll ( like Raids but free ).

Clicking the War rule icon explains the current War rule.

Center first row is leader, flanked by co-leaders, then elders, then members. Not proven, but this appears to sort within each tier based on how much war energy you have used in X wars. Either that or how often you talk in chat.