Life Hacks - Undocumented Functionality 🤖

My life hack - when I am close to level up I edge it as much as I can so it leaves me ~200 exp required to level up (quite easy if you remember 8-7 gives ~800 exp). Then I either wait for my WE to refill or (the impatient way) I use the WE energy flask to restore all my flags. Then I spend all my WE at once using loot tickets (for example, 5 runs on 2-15-9). This way I earn 5x loot, 5x recruits, few % to new level XP bar and still the level up refills my WE to max.


Yep, excellent strategy.

And, of course, include titan and raid flags into the equation for maximum effect


This is so helpful!!! I’ve been so frustrated when I realize have full WP but just about to level so it’s not much of a bonus but this solves this!!! Thank you!

This is the best thing I’ve seen since the day I read @Gryphonknight posting about hoarding recruits and food, months ago.

Thank you both @Garanwyn and @Hrairoo


I found the new(?) attack team view in war this week. @LadySuzanne has already documented it here for those who missed it:

Heroes Window: Mark Used Heroes in Active War


Avatar reward preview


Next Titan

Titans appear every 23 hours, so tomorrow’s Titan will appear 1 hour before today. If I set my Titan reminder for 2:00 PM today, I just set it for 1:00 PM tomorrow. For night time titans I adjust the time of the next alarm, but turn it off.

Default teams

Nice. Glad they changed that. My team #1 is still my raid attack from when team #1 was always the raid attack default.


Above the gear icon is the time remaining until your next war energy ( some people do not know this )

Borrowing LadySuzanne’s image.

Clicking on the list of attacks in the upper rigoht ( LadyGrey <9> Walrus ) displays Attack info menu ( full Attack History and Top Attackers)

Clicking on an alliance banner ( example We Don’t Kneel) displays the current remaining war energy. This information persists even after the war until next Matchmaking.

Clicking on “Find Opponent” finds an opponent roughly the level of your remaining heroes. Tap anywhere else to deselect, then tap again to reroll ( like Raids but free ).

Clicking the War rule icon explains the current War rule.

Center first row is leader, flanked by co-leaders, then elders, then members. Not proven, but this appears to sort within each tier based on how much war energy you have used in X wars. Either that or how often you talk in chat.


I have had a Moto e5 n zte that also do split screen the e5 allows the YouTube feature which is neat … n quit a few tablets now days offer split screen as well …



Cross-posting this here, since it seems super useful


Yeah, but the game is on pause when u are using the other window…

Sure, but if you do a lot of reading and a little typing, the pause breaks are minimal.

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That is some arcane knowledge, right there!


I’ve never seen this information before, so might be a new discovery:

The enemy targeting function works in autoplay.

That is to say, a player can still tap on an enemy monster and specials will be targeted there.

I ran trials a couple of times with only single-target snipers in my team and was able to change target and observed those enemies being hit.

Not sure if there’s an application for this knowledge!

Maybe when you are autoplaying but it starts going wrong against a boss?


Well something I learned recently with the add of the new buildings is that after converting a building like a mine or a forge to barracks or hunter’s Lodge, you can always convert it back and forth without cost or any loss of its level process! So having barracks always “deployed” is a luxury…

Especially now that in the near future we will have 3 more converted buildings and we will need all the mines running in order to build them. We can convert a forge or a mine to barracks level our troops and then convert it back! Or make as many harpoon you thing you will need and then convert it back…
The only small problem is that even if it takes 10’’, it’s still counts as a building construction and you can’t have other constructions happening the same time… so planning ahead is the key…


I was made aware of this by someone a couple of months ago, but it must have been on Line. I can’t for the life of me remember who told me. But this is definitely worth sharing. Thank you!

The big application is in keeping splash attacks well-centered :slight_smile:


The application is to prevent AI from doing stupid things if it makes you nervous. The other way is to just turn your phone and don’t watch :wink:

By the way, you can unselect selected target by tapping on area without enemies. I don’t think it’s really useful but it works…


Auto-battle is my best friend.

Today we had a new member join that didn’t even know it existed at the top right corner of the battle screen. Is the button really undocumented?

Anyways, I love it. Auto-battle while working, cooking easy dinners (like pasta), letting my dogs out on a walk, folding laundry, waiting in line at the grocery store… I just have to look at my phone every 20 minutes or so and just set up another autobattle.

Why 20 minutes? Because it takes 30 minutes to recover 3 world energy flags.

Saves me a lot of screen time :slight_smile: and woes of being at work and not being able to play.

Warning: there are some tasks require my full attention, for e.g. driving. :wink: Use common sense too please!


Is anything documented?


The cycle of strong versus weak colors, in the upper left hand corner of every fight.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


why 8/7 ? I farm in 9/1 for more exp

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