Leveling the disliked heroes / which meh heroes pleasantly surprised you?

I have a few and a bit of a story for each one.


Partially due to a lack of yellow hitters that is still ongoing, not that there are many of those, Chao still features heavily on my A team yellow stack, though he’s situationally supplanted by my +17 Gretel depending on circumstances. I as a player I prefer sturdy snipers as an offensive strategy, and Chao fits the bill. Full attack path. Not the heaviest hitter by a mile, but for my yellow team he is.


Same as Chao, I just prefer snipers as an offense team in general. She doesn’t get much credit, especially compared to her big sister Scarlett, but Kelile’s stat balance works out for me most times. She has a ridiculously high DOT that often helps keep down rogues and fighters. She’s not the best sniper by far, but much like yellow, red has a bit of a dearth of good hitters, so I work with what I have. Full attack path.


Was my first druid I levelled, partially due to not having Melendor at the time and partially because he was my first 4* green, he’s mostly benched these days in favor of Kingston and +18 Peters, but he still comes out against buff heavy defense teams and in wars. Like the other two above, he’s distinctly average, but he fits for me and my playstyle, and there aren’t many better options in classic green. Some days I think of pulling off emblems, but I haven’t yet.


Only really use for yellow Titans and late war flags. Idk. I don’t really have any other sorcerers to give the emblems to. He’s alright. :man_shrugging:t2:


Currently I do not have yet any dislike leveling (maxed).

Disliked Heroes at 3.60: Sumitomo
Disliked Heroes at 1.1: Atomos, Margaret, Quintus, Gobbler, Agwe

IMO, now these heroes which is somewhere not like, but still I liked and have a value/use:
Liked Heroes at 3.60: Skittle
Liked Heroes at 1.1: Thorne, Hu Tao, Ceshire Cat, Jabbar and Ammeonna

You may laugh, but I use him every war. He actually holds up well - and has single handedly win a fight for me more than once - even though I always hit 4k+ teams with all my flags.

My only regret leveling him is I’m now at a point where I’m short on tonics and I have Several very nice nature heroes staring at me accusingly. Well, they’ll have to keep glaring as I do like my Atomos.

With some minor adjustments he could actually be a great hero. I sure hope so as the game has seen fit to give me 3 of him… :roll_eyes:


Well on @zephyr1 's recommendation I’ve popped Scarlett in the red slot straight away. I’m about to max Quintus (I think) as it’s either him or Thoth for 900 unused sorcerer emblems.

Anzogh had a lot of hate in the early days but at +15 I just don’t know how I’d live without that ugly green lovable troll nowadays.

Main regret? Vlad… What was I thinking…


Skittleskull was my first Green 4*. I maxed Jack O’Hare first (got him about 3 months after), but Skittles helped me beat Ursena on hard mode (she was my only attack debuffer at the time)!

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Well, Vlad also has his uses, actually. You can check out my personal experience here:
Finally found a good use for Vlad

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I actually have a +12 Thorne. He’s a durable hitter. I hope he will get a shining costume with some additional effects to his special skills.
My Verdict on Thorne - Totally Worth It!

I think Caedmon is a great hero. I have one at +20. He’s fast and hits decently hard. He will sit on my defense team until I pull someone better (hopefully one of the two elf twins).

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Well, I am sure Atomos is a beast in rush attack tournaments.

I level all heroes, the issue is only the order. As of now, I’m kinda neglecting Skittleskull, Chao and slow 5*, but I’ll get there, eventually. Hu Tao had his times with purple titans.
The only one useless hero now is Vlad. He’s so weak, can’t put him anywhere. Maybe if he had some strike power, like 150% damage to the target.

I don’t get all the hate for Gobbler…I have him at +12 and use him in my green mono with Evelyn. He is usually one of the last alive!

Hu Tao as well…I have him maxed on my alt and currently run him in my main defense at +8 and hold more cups with him that I was before maxing him. Another note on him, I lost to a team while raiding 3 times, 3 TIMES the other day with him as a tank. Granted, i had some bad boards, but he will punish you with that blind if you dont kill him quickly!

The only other I have used is Kelile, who I like WAY more than Scarlett. I had Kelile at +18 until i stripped her emblems and gave them to Marjana a few months back, although she is still part of my red mono for now.

Tempted to max LJ and Agwe for rush attack tournaments as well, but just acquired a few new 5*, so we will see where my mats are!

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Yes, Hu Tao’s blind is SUPER annoying. I totally hate it. That is why I am leveling my Hu Tao lol.

And I would definitely level Little John. He truly shines in rush attack. The mana speed reduction is devastating to the enemies.

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Totally agree with you. I have Hu Tao and Little John on max and they are great for both the trials and tournaments

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That is why I think tournaments and trials are great additions. They give every hero a chance to shine and be useful. Otherwise, poor Hu Tao would never see sunshine again lol


I had Kelile as my only 4* red striker for a very long time. I brought her up to 3/60 and wanted to take her to tier 4. But I just could not find enough blades. And by the time I finally got enough blades, I had already pulled Marjana; then Azlar. So Kelile still sits at 3/60 with her special skill stuck at level7. But I still use her for war cleanups.

Do I win? Do I get extra credit for the talents of Justice and Quintus?


Lol - I have talents on Kadilen, Quintus and Justice - but you win hands down with Khagan (I have him at 1/1).

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I’m actually glad to hear this, as I like to think every hero has a role to fill. A few seem to challenge this notion, and Atomos has been one of them, but I don’t have him, so I wouldn’t know from experience.

But three-stars are super cheap and quick to level. They don’t even cost ascension mats. That’s a small regret, isn’t it? I would for sure max any three-star.

Same. Scarlett didn’t come to me until a month or so ago. Still don’t really love Skittles, though.

Can’t speak for Agwe, since I don’t have him/her/it, but LJ is very much worth it to me. Not just for rush attack, but also barbarian class trials and farming. I’ve got him to +11 and counting.

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I really love Hu Tao, not just because of the “blind” factor but also because when he’s far enough down on the Talent Grid and reviving 3-4 consecutive times in battle, you’ll be glad for that!

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Good point! As @lightsmessenger mentioned he has got his uses too so I’ll be joining the Glad for Vlad brigade :grin:


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