Leveling the disliked heroes / which meh heroes pleasantly surprised you?

As a fun little exercise, I am going to work on a few heroes that are generally disliked by players:
Hu Tao

Hopefully they will pay off in rush attack tournaments.

Are you also working on any disliked hero?


Is Colen disliked? He should be useful for challenge events I think. I ascended Gretel about a week ago and she is…I understand the dislike.

I’m planning to max Quintus after I finish Sartana (she’s at 4-67).

Hu Tao was my first maxed 4*, and I used him a ton, and still use him in Class Trials. I even have him at +18.

I have Skittles maxed.

Opinions of Ameonna are sometimes mixed, but I use her on every Holy Titan, and have her at +12, on her way to +18.

Opinions on Scarlett are sometimes mixed, but I love her, have her at +18, and use her absolutely every day. She’s also how I beat Ursena in Season 2 Hard Mode.

I maxed Gobbler. I use him for farming now.

Opinions on Danzaburo are sometimes mixed. I like him, but unfortunately have little occasion to use him.

I maxed Sumitomo, who’s usually not a favorite for most people. He doesn’t get much use, though.

I have two of Chao maxed — which I call Chaos. Chao doesn’t always get much love — but got me through a lot of my first 9 months or so playing.

I have two Isshtaks maxed. And a Friar Tuck.

Oh, almost forgot…

I have Thoth-Amun maxed, and at +4.

That’s gotta count for something.


Erm yes - I pulled Quintus many months ago and left him on the shelf at 1/1.
However, I got his costume at the last event so decided to max him out +5.
Just started his costume now … let’s see what he is like


For sure. Just finished Boomer today. Maybe a good tank for an epic tournament without color restrictions.


I use him in Challenge Events a lot, and he has a home in 4* Rush Attack for sure too.

Mine is at +9 so far, on his way to +18.


I personally like Colen and Gretel a lot.

Colen definitely has a place in 4* rush attack tournaments where reds are allowed. He’s even more of a threat if no blue is permitted. I also stack him with Azlar sometimes. Two back-to-back DoT attacks to all are pretty devastating.

As for Gretel, at one point she was my only yellow “striker” for a very long time. The only other yellow heroes I had were Li Xiu and Danza. Gretel’s mana control is very effective if you can time it correctly. There have been numerous battles where an opponent’s sniper killed himself due to Gretel’s skill.


I got Boomer from the last pirate event as well. I was going to level him because I needed a better purple hit-all hero for my farming team (at that point I only had Oberon). But then I pulled Tiburtus costume from the chamber. So Boomer is going to sit on the bench for a while.

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Is Quintus costume very similar to Horgall? Hit all + damage reduction?

Thanks for sharing such a detailed analysis! It is interesting to see Scarlett on the list. I always thought she is one of the best heroes for red stacking due to her high attack. I have seen a lot of super Scarletts in raids.

As for Chao, I like to pair him with Li Xiu or Jackal, or both. They make a decent combo. The only thing is that their mana speeds are different so it is sometimes challenging to time their specials correctly.


Currently working on Agwe, Danzaburo, Gobbler, and Capt. Of Diamonds. Do they count?

I would say yes to Agwe and Gobbler. Danza and Diamonds both have their uses situationally.

I totally agree, but I see people complain about her squishiness frequently.

I don’t find that to be a problem, because fast attack debuffing aids survival…as does killing the enemies quickly. :smiling_imp:

I use Li Xiu and Jackal together all the time.

Emblems ruined Chao for me — I can’t make use of him at +0 very often anymore.

I hope to eventually Emblem him, but my Ranger queue is insane…Tiburtus, Buddy, Seshat, Lianna, Gregorian, Evelyn…it’s my best Class by miles.

No, cTibs (Gene Simmons) puts def down to all enemies, Horgh att down.

I thought we were talking about Quintus, not Tiburtus?

Sorry, you’re right :blush:

No problem! On another note, I like cTiburtus very much. He’s now one of my best rangers and I just emblemed him to +7. Defense down to enemies is always a useful skill.

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20 characters of disliked heroes…


Dislike heroes on my queue:

Obakan 2/60 ss 8/8, Quintus 2/60 ss 7/8, Mok-ar going to 2/60…
Would give them attention after Sartana and Domitia.

Gobbler 3/60 ss 8/8, Margaret 2/60 ss 8/8, Horghall going to 2/60.

Agwe 3:60 ss 8/8, Perseus 260., Cof diamond leveling to 3/60 afterwards Thorne to 2/60.

I didn’t consider Colen as not liked, but he was at 3/60 and I was considering maxing him when Azlar showed up, now just awaiting his rings, >>. Khagan 2/60 ss 8/8. I love to see how Khagan will fare with G.Falcon, so he is not ruled out.

Hu Tao has been amongst my first 4* s even on my defense at the early playing times. but still sitting at 3/60 after more than a year of playing, Chao also at 3/60, Danza at 3/60, would give them consideration after Jackal 2 and 3. Leonidas, my first 5 is now at 4/58 going to final max in a few days.

In the absence of any coveted HotM or event heroes, those unloved heroes on my roster would ultimately receive some love one day.

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Quintus in costume is hit all and attack reduction. That’s the only reason I maxed him

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