Leveling Sartana or keep going with Rigard with my current team? :/


Ascend Rigard if you want… but keep in mind that for PvE Sabina is better.


He has Caedmon for the debuff. Granted you can bring items but if you have rigard you can focus items on other things.


hi, go for sartana but only if you have all for sartana ascension . or max rigard. is a very good hero. for me is better 4 stars hero max 4/70 than a 5 stars to 70/3


I had Rigard and Tibutus in my situation. My 5* purple was Obakan. I was struggling in raids with heros such as Azlar and Colen. They are slow but it they go off they hurt. Rigard can offset the long effect with their specials well. Along with missing, defense debuff, etc. So the cleanse he offers in my opinion is huge in my case.

He is used on every team I have at this point. Plus you can never have enough healers especially with Alliance Wars now.

I have Sabina as well but she hasn’t been touched yet. Don’t honestly know when she will be. Obakan is going to 60 now for wars and Merlin will be on his way to 70 next.

note: I do wish I had Sartana but I am not even close on Tabbards so it would annoy me.


She also have more attack and the dispel is good. He could not always bring Caedmon to titans (where he is bad) and rare ones need dispellers, maybe Sabina and even Caedmon the bad guy.


a huge heal and cleanse out weigh another dispeller for me. But your argument makes a lot of sense.

Essentially it comes down to you team composition.

But everyone has their own way.