Legendary troop conversion bug

System doesn’t allow to convert the troop, although I am opted out of war.

(Troop I tried to convert is put under Khagan, screenshot of DT is taken before matchmaking)

There is the same issue on tournament.
Player didn’t registered on it, but he can’t convert troop, which is allegedly used in DT.

@PlayForFun seems like a very annoying bug. He is even in spectator mode so even if his troop was part of his war defense team, it’s not in use at that moment (and he cannot even edit the team to change the troop). The troop conversion should be allowed.


I am posting this to mod chat too.


Sorry if it’s been posted before, I can’t find a solution anywhere.

I try to convert a troop but a message pops up saying the selected troop is used in war defense. But it’s not. I’m actually not even opted in in war at all… I checked if that troop is used in another team and it’s not.

What am I missing here?

*Edit : nevermind. The troop must be in the defense but I can’t see it or edit it while this war in ongoing. I’ll remove it once I can access my defense tomorrow. Sorry…

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@PlayForFun @Dudeious.Maximus @Coppersky to merge with Troop convertation bug


Convertation is proving to be a massive bug, I can’t find the meaning anywhere!

I fixed the title :smiley:


Lol thanks, I still have no clue, I can’t find that word in my dictionary!

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Should be a noun derived from the verb to convert. Annnnd, I spelled it wrong, it’s with an s obviously hahaha fixing it



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It’s not you wrote it wrong, I posted this topic :see_no_evil:

one of my alliance is facing the same issue. he opted out of war and still is not able to convert. any news on this?

Also having the same issue. Have messaged support but not sure if they can do anything

I’m not sure here, but are you perhaps participating in the Three Kingdoms War event? Other than a bug that’s my only explanation.

that’s a good hint, we’ll check that. thanks @gwi

Let us know if it works now @Eowen04

Same thing is happening to 2 members of my alliance. They have tried multiple colours and none are in his defenses and he cannot convert as it says they are in alliance war. A lot of people are already frustrated with aspects of this game and bugs like this don’t do a lot to engender good will

it seems he could transfer now. sorry for not responding sooner. it seems one needs to be off of any war

Awesome! I’m glad it got sorted! :slight_smile: