Legendary Heroes Guild - 1 Available slots

We are active in both hitting titans and chatting. We do have a trophies requirement of 1000. Also if you aren’t going to be around for three or more days, to at least hit the titan… we do ask for the heads-up.

Here we very helpful and jokative bunch, but we expect people to be respectful. We like to maintain a clean and drama-free atmosphere. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

hi I’m looking for a new alliance send me an invite. I am a very active player 1800 trophies

Warchild, no alliance in the game can send an invite (it’s a misnomer to say Invite Only), but you can contact them!

Click “Alliance” on your main screen in-game, then Alliances on the top right. Type the Alliance name and hit search:

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Yeah i figured it out.sorry and Ty 4 the heads up

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