Lady Locke or Morgana le Fay

Your opinion, asking for a friend in alliance. Has them both at 1/1.
Thanks in advance

Depends on rest of the roster
Lotl is better tank

In deff he has Heimdall as tank, Kage, Finley, Vela, Joon. I don’ t know what are the rest of his green heroes

With the way things are currently I’d go for Locke as cleansers are vital with all the ailments around.


Depends on play style.

Locke is a great hero, but doesn’t really work with green mono. Morgana works a little better but not perfect either, but servicable.

He already has Heimdall so he doesn’t need Morgana to tank.

The real question is, where does he see these heroes fitting in?

He plays 3-2, he will be using them in attack in war only. I think…

If attack only then Locke is the way to go. Her tile damage is insane and her special can do approximately 1000 DoT each to 3 heroes which is huge. I have both with emblems and Locke is the better attacker.

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I have both maxed and Locke makes my war teams while Morgan sits the bench. If locke fires she does some nice damage and the cleanse is great vs GTV. The only thing is she really needs some emblems to beef her up because she is too flimsy without them. I have mine at T14 and she usually fires before she dies.


I’m curious why you say that Locke doesn’t work well with a green mono team. Would you care to elaborate?

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I don’t have Morgan le Fay but I do use Locke a lot.

She is a good hero. I use her regularly against the GTV defenses. That cleanse and dot is great and her tile damage is nice if you have Eve or Almur on the team.

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Lady Locke won’t benefit from elemental defense down via Almur or Eve. Most successful green mono has them, green mono isn’t just about taking all green, it’s about taking advantage that you’re taking all green.

Usually it’s Eve - Lianna - Elk - ??? - Healer. Although the ??? could be locke, most everything is probably dead by then, or you would want another fast green sniper to kill the 3rd enemy.

She doesn’t belong in my green mono anyway.

Between the 2, Lady Locke. She’ll be your cleanser and help in tile damage.

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Thanks for answering my question. I assumed that was what you meant but wanted to make sure.

I agree for the most part. As with any hero team ideas the available heroes dictate the synergy.

My most used green stack is eve, Locke Atamos brynhild and momma north. Surviving the mana drain and dot is the overall plan while using elemental def down and tiles to give damage. My team might look different if I can get some tonics.

Thanks again for elaborating.

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With some of the highest tile damage in game wouldn’t Locke benefit greatly from elemental def down? When stacking I look at tile damage as critical.


I had leveled Morgan a long ways back. She is good but the need to take enemy heroes out quick is more important. She is currently always benched for pretty much anything. Locke, is clearly the better choice with the cleanse.

After Almur/Eve and then Lianna and another sniper or Elk, what enemies? Only the wings are left most of the time. Hard to get tile damage in the wings and you basically have the game by then. What you’re looking for at that point is another sniper or mana control like Hansel / Zocc, and healing. But maybe you play differently.

Tile damage is more important in 3-2 or 2-1-1-1 where you rely on the tile damage to kill the enemy, who is presumably weak against green.

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My question was just clearing up what is a fact, which is that Locke does benefit from elemental def down ie Almur or Eve. How that fits into a particular team or playstyle being less the point.

That about sums it up. Different playstyle. I weigh tile damage about as equally as I do special skills and other attributes and maybe even more so in many cases.

Different playstyles aside though, I would argue that Locke is considerably more useful in green stacks for titans as tile damage is the point with titans. With a regular def down coupled with elemental, she contributes heavily on titan team(s) for me. My blue titan hits improved after switching out Kingston for Locke for that very reason.

Alby-Lady Locke-Margo-Kignstone-Hansel

Is my mono green. Amazing and Lady Locke always hit due to Margo’s dodge.


Lady Locke and is not even close.
She hits hard and is a cleanser
Morgana is pretty much unusable in top lvl wars.

Very much so, yes.

The more you buff/debuff to increase tile damage, the more you gain in damage from high tile contributors.

Running a Locke-Tarlak-Ratatoskr threesome can produce some pretty wild tile damage… Throw in Almur and it just gets silly.

No direct damage specials but works superbly all the same.