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Increaced chance for what? 5* star hero? Nope.

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Its only cheaper.
Odds are the same no matter what kind of pull you make.


i dont know. is there any difference?

or just pay less gems ?

The big difference is that with single pulls you get the choice to stop after five consecutive 3* heroes dropping


pro: 260 gems per pull - compared to the 300
con: can’t stop - won’t stop (lucio ow :stuck_out_tongue: - for fans :)) )


Based on my experience. 1x pull or 10x pull. Same s***!!! :anger:


No change. Same chances.

But I got Grimm on a 1st summons & Hansel on a first summons so I could save the extra 4600 gems ( 2300 x2 ) for next time. There is always a next time.

Discount for 10x sucks except for using 3* feeders to bypass slow Hero XP per hour of training camps.


( 7560 XP / 162 XP per hour ) = 46.6666 hours of Extra low cost training


( 46.6666 hours x 3600 seconds per hour ) / 2600 gems = 64.6 seconds per gem.

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It’s cheaper to do 10x summon, that is the only upside.

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Same individual chances
Increased chance / :gem:.

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Personally I’ve had better luck with 10x than single pulls. But that could just be pure luck of the draw or coincidence. Not valid evidence to sway anything one way or the other. Has just worked best for me when it comes to snagging a hotm or multiples of the hotm in a pull

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Last event I pulled 4 epic +1 legendary in 5 single pulls yes its extremely rare and incredibly lucky, but my feeling is this, if its your turn its your turn! I’ve seen multiple 10 pulls hit rare after rare and single pulls hit HOM AFTER HOM! Got to love rng


Not sure there is any significant difference , although , I have done 10 pulls got nothing significant and just afterwards did one pull and poof extra pull HotM.

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I got a redhood also from first and single pull. Not hotm, but next best thing ;)) shes d@mn good

So my question on this is about the HotM. Does a 10 pull still give you 10 chances at hitting the HotM or is it just counted as one pull?

@_John_Doe brother of F2P brothershood.
Please hold your pulls and gems till wonderland event.
We can’t offerd the gems if we spent them already.
Wait till the new heroes comes already and try it.
Back on point.
X10 singles or 1 x10 pull is still very same, better be on singles cause if you feelt unlucky you can save the rest of your gems. 1 x10 pulls will drain your very hard earned gems all away.
Gives bigger space of regrets.

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10 pulls gives you chance of 1.3% of 5☆ hero … neither 10 singels or 1 x10 pull. Same as same.

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One of my old topics

Did single pulls in hope of MN. got the 3* s … And not even Rudolf…

Back to stashing… Once again… Brother @Jedon :smile:

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I notice before posting … but I was just want to hope that you have not waste the gems over some thing that for sure hard to be collected by an F2P like us.

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