Khiona getting hit with minions

Am i the first to notice this; I was battling khiona the other day and I had 10 or so minions on the board and every hit from the minion gave khiona 20% attack

Basically in one turn she went to 105% attack


I haven’t noticed that but that sounds like a lot of fun.

Throw Wilbur in as well and have fun.


Yeah, someone made an off hand remark to that effect on a post. So I tried it and it does work with amazing results.

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This is feature not bug.

Working as intended. Every time Khiona is hit Whit her buff up she gains attack power. Minion hits are hits, just was out your Delilah when you fight a team with khiona.

Confusing part is the spirit link effect.

With spirit link activated and khionas special activated any of her and nearby allies get hit and all 3 of their attacks are buffed. Now while this sort of makes sense, it doesnt truly make sense when you think about it.

Spirit link says shares damage, doesnt say shares hits
Khiona special says the word hit, not damage.

So if everytime khiona and allies attack are increased anytime they are damaged under spirit link then do DoT special skills cause their attacks to buff as well?

And how come riposte specials dont work the same way? If you have cyprians special active and someone in the team gets hit while spirit link is active, cyprian and friends dont counter hit everytime unless they are the ones hit

So her special is opening holes in game mechanics and special skill descriptions in my opinion


It’s much harder to pull off than you think, esp when her special only lasts a measly three turns.

Any kind of hit she takes gives her +20% attack while her special is enabled. Nearby allies as well. Up to a max of 144%

So you’re saying that what i mentioned above is irrelevant? Because if you read her skill description and cyprians skill description and spirit link skill description of wilbur then cyprians special should be effected the same way khionas is

Unless I’m just missing some small detail in the descriptions that singles out her special skill being effected by spirit link and no one else’s

They probably just had direct attacks in mind. Not counterattacks.

Just weird. I just ran a bit of a test. And had this in my lineup:

Greg khiona joon boril wilbur

With wilbur and khiona both active then any hero in the team that gets hit causes khiona and her nearby allies to increase in attack.

With boril and wilbur active:

Any 5 hit doesnt caue boril and nearby allies to counterattack

Hopefully that paints a better picture of what i dont understand

Boril has to take the damage to reflect it. With Wilbur active the damage is dispersed to all Ally and then shared. The damage is technically coming from your allied heroes in your example.

So lets say you have boril in the center and Wilbur in the far right wing. A sniper hits Wilbur but the special is active, it shared the damage evenly though your 5 heroes. Now if boril is in the center and has perfect reposit active until all actuality the damage should be reflected back to wilbur as he is technically the source of the damage with the life link active.

Yes, I think counter attack is handled differently from buffs. But you are correct, SG doesn’t always have the best description of specials on their cards. On fact sometimes its been stated in ways to make you think the special works directly the opposite of the way it did (but they cleaned up that wording).

Where do you see reference to a maximum value? Admittedly it takes a lot of luck to get it higher than that during only three turns, but with Wilbur and Khiona active a whole party hit by a hit-all attack or a set of five minions should result in +45% + 5x20% = +145% … getting it to +345% attack should be possible.

While increasing bonuses like that are rare, the only instance of a capped bonus in the entire game I’m aware of is tarlak with a +160% ceiling

Here is another example of how special resolve…

Say you have boril in the center tank position. You are fighting a special titan with a blue shield. You pop perfect reposit to reflect/counter attack… You launch 3 blue til a at the titen but wiat!.. All blue tiles are reflected back… They should hit Biril but wait!!.. He has perfect reposit up which reflects the attack back at the titan, but wait!!!.. the titan has a blue shield… See where this is going?

So khionas special buffs under spirit link no matter who is hit because she recieved damage but a counter attacker under spirit link doesnt cause counter attacks no matter who was hit when they recieve damage? I’m still not understanding why one is effected differently from the other

I believe Riposte only reflects normal damage from special skills and tiles and “swipe” attacks from minions or defending heroes/monsters, but not special kinds of damage, like DOT or reflect damage.

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Solved by barry lol


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Not quite. If the original hit is on a hero with riposte active the full damage should be reflected back.

But if spirit link shares the damage to a hero with riposte active, there is no reflected damage.

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But they do recieve damage. Just like khionas special buffs when she recieves any damage

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