Kashrek is dying too fast

I don’t regret having maxed Kashhrek

1st and only 4* green hero.

I use him a lot in attack supporting Grimm and Sabina/ Danza and his heal allows me to play safer without the urge to kill or be slaughtered.

In defense I am thinking in moving him to right flank to protect the 3 snipers but this would leave Grimm with only 1 heal available.

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That’s really an important point for CTP/FTP players. You play with the heroes you have… It’s fine for people with a big monthly budget to say “You’ll outgrow Kashrekk eventually, so don’t bother”. If he’s all you’ve got, or are likely to get for a while, he’s a great hero for a decent amount of the game. (I never got him until I had already outgrown him, but I guess I’m the exception there.)


5* kashhrek is vivica


@Ljiljana ^^ this is true. However, you can go the crazy route (I have), and emblem the snot out of Kashrek, at least for a lark:

I use him for defense…he will never be a decent attacker. :wink:


@Rook I will :blush: Yes he is a great defense always in the middle and my last man standing if very bad opponents.

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