Kashrek is dying too fast

Is it me or is Kashrek really dying too fast lately? I’m serious. I have the feeling that Kash and even Boldie are weaker… In the very beginning Melendor was King, but he does die fast. That’s a fact. But Kash and Boldie especially Kash was the last man standing! Who is and is there a replacement for Kash and Boldie? Just a in case future question!

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I don’t understand your question. If your heroes die too easily you re pushing too far.

Are they maxed?

What do you mean with pushing too far?
And yes they are maxed. Not all the way but close to the end.

As you get higher and higher, you are facing more and more difficult opponents. Kashrekk is really strong in low-to-mid platinum, but by the time you’re in high platinum, it becomes much easier to deal with Kashrekk.


At what level exactly?
He is good in Platinum area and also low Diamond (depend others heroes of course), he is sturdy.


@mpolo Thank you! That`s all I needed to know. I understand. So who is the next Kashrek? In the higher 5* area?

The closest 5* comp to Kashhrek is probably Ares.

4* Boril is probably a more natural step up from Kashhrek, though.

Gadeirus is another comparable hero. He’s kind of a mini-Ares, but the same color and strength as Kashhrek, and also does some direct damage.

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@jinbatsu not sure I think 60 yes he is sturdy. And when I go to raids or war I avoid Teams with red Heroes LOL especially Colen, Kelile, Scarlett etc. they burn his butt haha I was just asking because lately he just dies too fast.

But on the other hand, if you’re taking Kashhrek on your attack team, that’s kind of rough. But believe me, I can relate. For a loooong time he was my only 4* healer. So if you have to do that, pair him at flank with Cyprian or Boril at tank. He has a huge pool of health which allows him to maximize the damage done by counterattacks. And he keeps himself and the counterattack hero healed up.


well, 1.60? 2.60? 3.60? 4.60?

@jinbatsu He is at 3.60

OK, that mean he is not yet maxed and not close to end.
He should be 4.xx to be sturdy, and it cost of course unfarmable mats: 1x compas, 1x glove and 4x sturdy shield, so you should wisely choose which more best 4* green priority to ascend to tier 4, not so hurry. Other best green are: Melendor, Caedmon.


@Benn I use to take him with Melendor until I got Boldie now he is always together with Boldie, Kingston, Bane and Balthazar. Sometimes I replace Kings with Colen, Tib, Kelile… Kiril etc etc etc depends what I need. And who is the 5 Star Kash? Is there any?

Jinbatsu I have the needed Materials for Kash, Boldie, Mel and Kingston. I was farming over and over again, filling Chests, and loots and so on. I am not in a Hurry I am enjoying the game. I skip all the too hard enemies lol I know some people they are taking it way too hard on themselves and the game. Maybe that is what @Peazomanco meant by saying pushing it too far


I normally flank kash on the right then put falcon behind him (any red will do) usally in war they always the last 2 to die if I haven’t been one shot especially with field aid!

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Don’t bother in a 5 star if haven’t 4 maxed yet.

Pushing too far means trying to finish too hard stages.

You have to choose by yourself which are your priorities depending on what you have and wjat you lack.

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If I were you I would check out Copperskys site E&P guide as well as the 7DD site for tips. People don’t generally max Kashrek as he is most effective in defense at lower levels and most people have something better by the time they get ascension materials. He can be intimidating when maxed but a two hit, decent, sniper special destroys him. I have two of him at 3:60 (~1090 HP from memory and a measly 428 on attack) and rarely does even one get used; his attack stats are dreadful and as a tank you just keep hitting him and he only heals the flanks and when your snipers are charged he is easy; once you have made the hole, the rest is usually easy unless you are attacking a two healer defense: Kashrek + one other healer hero.
Just my 2 cents, it’s your totally your decision and I have taken some poor advice in the past. But then at times I have just made the wrong decision levelling up heroes only to regret it a week later.

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:joy::joy::joy::+1: Especially the red ones! And yes sniper. That’s why Boldie is always by his side. Plus many good heroes are out there. I just noticed he dies faster then before. Heroes become better I guess.

Yes been there myself. This is why I rather ask here. Never regret anything I’ve done after hearing out thoughts and opinions from here.

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Nothing has changed OTHER than the teams you are facing. You should be getting better there for your opponents are getting better. You WILL out grow Kash, and Boldy to a lesser extent.