Kara – 5* Holy / Yellow - May 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

And most of the people don’t have most of the heroes!

I have krampus, pengi, xnolphod and Ludwig. I’m still leveling her because taunt is simply one of the best skills in the game. She’s stout, I tried to brute force through her to see what she could handle. I was impressed. Is she the best thing since sliced bread, nope, lol. But she’s definitely going to be useful for me mainly on offense. I wouldn’t put her on defense personally.

We all have our own opinions and none of them are per say wrong. I hate saying it because it’s said so often, but it really has a lot so with with how you play and what you already have to work with. Cheers!


What are you talking about? How in the world did you get to that conclusion from the exchange I had?

Again, where did I say she was a bad hero? I said that I disagreed with the other person about her being the best HotM and said that our opinions were not fact. If you like Kara, then use her. I don’t think she is good enough to level with the current heroes I have

Where did I ever say you said she was a bad hero?

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I have Ludwig and Krampus and will level her if I get her. With 6 war teams and even more 3k teams, taunters are very easy to build a team around. Having a holy one is especially useful since dark is the most popular tank color.


I already have 7 karas and I’m really happy about that, I will level up 6 in the long term to build 6 taunt teams in war, besides yellow is my strongest colour for a 3-2. :slight_smile:


Did over 100 pulls and got only one. So, you must’ve done over 800 pulls this month

That’s not how odds work. I got her after 4 pulls, and it’s pretty unlikely I’d get 25 Karas were I to summon 100 times.


Not at all, I got 4 karas just with the 10 coins pulls in S3 portal, two in a row by the way! And I had the other 3 karas previously from the ninjas, where I also pulled Mica and Zircon (the two in a row as well)

. In total 60 pulls or so.


I suggest visiting a casino


I was being sarcastic


I just got Kara from single pull. She’s welcome to join besides BK and Ludwig.

Now I’m thinking about stripping emblems from underwhelming Mica and put them on Kara. Is it a good idea?


Single coin pull and my first taunter. She needs 5 more darts to be useful, but she should become useful in the next 3 to 4 months. Took her to 3 70. Will try her out on less violent raids and see how good she supports the team. No more pulls this month.


First 5* taunt hero in the bag



Wow thumbsdown bragging? Most can only dream of these pulls.

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I hadn’t been happy for a long time when I caught the hero of the month

I make 10 pools in gargoyles without any event hero, but I am really happy that I got Kara, now I can save all my coins and gems for this month.