JUNE 2020 CALENDAR (Path of valor III, Atlantis, Guardians of Teltoc, The masquerade, Tavern of Legends, Sand Empire, Valhalla, rare quests, trials) -tentative-

@Jamir noticed graphics at top still not updated?

Edit: most importantly, hope you’re okay!

Yes I think sand empire stars at 29th… but I dont have enough time now to fix this… my life has changed a lot this month because of job and personal issues… I will be posting the july calendar… just waiting to confirm some dates


Anyone know with sand event starting later, will the end of it sneak into the next POV start?

I doubt that… I think it will last for two weeks so probably pov III won’t be even closed at that time…


I look forward to seeing July calendar from you soon. Thank you for your hard work and contribution. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to say Thank You in advance. Juggling RL concerns and unrealistic demands from ungrateful players - you’re a Saint!


hahahaha thanks… a saint… ummmm I think it is a little to big haha but thank you!


Are there any dates in particular? I believe you have other connections, but feel free to reach out to me too, especially with Z taking a break. We all have our strengths and this is something I can assist on quite easily. I can be reached on either line or discord as well.

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First to know the date that Sand Empires ends… and then the Tavern date

I’m pretty certain the Sand Empire is a two week event (Monday thru Sunday) and that Tavern of Legends starts on 2020-07-23T07:00:00Z based on the post below, but I will confirm.


Thank you for all of your hard work and information!!

Sand empire thread should be going live today :slight_smile:

It will have the start & finish date/time on it :slight_smile:

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Real life stuff must always come first of course. Glad to know you’re still here at least!! Hope life settles down a bit for you soon… take care!

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Here’s a link to the July calendar. As always, you can search #calendar


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