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Not my best team. Used 3 healing. But powered through. Jackal and gm get the emblems


My team this time round:

Glad to finally have a healer for this one.

On the bench: Danzaburo, Danzaburo#2, Li Xiu

Bryn gets the rogue emblems.

C. Azar gets the barbarian emblems.


Used this team and this time need to use the healing


cLiXiu+9, Scarlett+1, Marj+7, Gretel+7, Grimm+13 (3754 team power)
Used 1 axe, a couple superdotes, and 5 of the biggest heal pots (super heal?). This is one trial I wish for a healer…

Left LJ+4 and. Brynhild+9 on the bench. With 3 red bosses I need tile damage at the end :woman_shrugging:


My Team Last Time

My Team This Time

No change, only Marjana is +2, maybe I will give her up to +7, she is already good without emblem, maybe give some for brynhild, let see.

Other Option
Screenshot at Jul 08 23-10-31

The Battle

Decent start, all mana charged.

Use some heals for wings (Grimm specially).
Next time, I think I would level 2nd Brynhild for this trial.


Emblem barbarian keep inventory, Rogue maybe for Brynhild.
Trainer goes to… Elena almost 3.70. (she will there for a while I think).


My team this time:

  • Domitia +19
  • Azlar 4^80
  • Gormek +20
  • Little John +20
  • Brynhild 4^70

Exactly the same crew from last time.

Was a little more liberal with my use of specials than usual - no need for healing if you kill them quick - and I was still able to recharge everyone before the bosses. Unfortunately, a cascade got away from me and left me without many good tiles once I got there. All the specials I could muster weren’t enough to make a significant dent in the bosses, and once Boss Azlar fired, I knew I was gonna have to use some items. Lost LJ, Azlar, and Brynhild, with my remaining heroes about to burn to death, but fortunately a bomb, dragon, and axe were all it took to finish them.

Starting to wonder if Brynhild is worth it on this trial. Her healing is great, and with her protection against specials, she shirked off a direct hit from Nashgar, but her mana boost isn’t as helpful for Azlar and LJ as I had hoped, and her green tile attacks are weak against every enemy in this trial. LJ is worth it for the massive mana cut; I don’t know if Brynhild brings enough to the table. Might go with Scarlett or Grimm next time, as both are getting emblems now. Also need to bring antidotes next time.

As mentioned, emblems are reserved for Scarlett and Grimm, but neither had enough to get one more talent. Trainer hero goes to Elena, who got the rings yesterday.


First time to complete this challenge. Could swap azar and namahage for kelile (4/65) and jackal (4/25). They joined grimm, danza and the now leveled jott. Used quite some healing, as I have none of the allowed healers, but I managed. Also a few bombs to soften the blows and to kill azlar before he could fire a second time.


Attack path, HP/D path, or a mix?

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Congrats on the win!


HP/def all the way. He’s acceptably sturdy now. He still does pretty strong tile damage (not in this trial, but generally), and now he lives long enough to fire that devastating mana cut pretty consistently. I like him.


That’s cool. I am starting to emblem Li Xiu by default. LJ isn’t that far down my barbarian list and I like the way those two play together. More on defense, but I bet on elite enemy stages, multi boss levels, and selective raiding it could be a fun combo.

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My Li Xiu +20 (that I emblemed by default) says hi! :smile:

My first emblemed barbarian was Gormek - I was tanking with him back then - and I never reset him. Next was LJ, and he goes from basically being unusable to being very handy. Grimm is coming up now. I know most people would disagree with that order, but it’s working for me.

I would love to get LJ’s costume and boost his stats even more. He’s usually the second or third member of my green stack now.


Grimm+11 | Brynhild 4/70 | Jackal+8 | Malosi 4/70 | Gravemaker+6

Decided to go with speed and try to beat them to the punch since I have no true healer or cleanser. Sandwiched Brynhild between the two glass cannons since they’re most likely to die first and could use some extra healing and protection.

Went surprisingly well all things considered, the mobs mostly targeted the left side so Brynhild was able to patch everything back up. Got everybody charged and went into the boss round with a yellow diamond ready to be lined up right under Azlar. Unleashed everything on Azlar, and when the yellow diamond hit he was down to about 15% HP. Board went dry for a while so had to mana pot up Malosi to prevent Scarlett from casting her attack debuff. Once Azlar fell, it was just a matter of slowly rebuilding the board and trying to get Brynhild to go off for some healing and protection. Finished off Nashgar after a nice yellow cascade with Jackal’s debuff on, and finished Scarlett with tiles since she dodged nearly half of my specials lol (20% chance my ■■■).

In the end used 3 potent health pots and 5 minor mana pots, but thankfully no bombs or dragons needed.

Emblems and trainers held for now.


Well I survived, managed to get thru all levels. The Team:
Kelile: +14
Jackal: +0
LJ: 3.60
Sif: 3.70
Gormet: +0

Used quite a few healing potions and bombs along the way but was able to finish. Left a maxed Scarlett on bench, other options included a 3.29 Azlar. I think this is a good reason to work on Byrnhild soon! :smile:


Team: Grimm, Brynhild, GM+9, Margaret (3/70), Scarlett

Was pretty easy and only had to use a couple of minor HP potion and one antidote.

Red trainer to Wilbur. Barbarian emblems at 62. Need 125 for GM’s 10th node. Over 600 rogue emblems saved up in inventory now.


Did the 2 not gonna,finish could but so behind in sands and event coming up need to use we wisely

Plus will have have barb n rouge in the future


I need to make a tough call between finishing Sand Empire and Avalon myself this weekend. Good luck! :+1:


Thanks Only just started legendary on sands trying not to use flask. I’ll play It by ear

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Do you combine your LX and LJ? They combined seem like great mana control of the vanilla options because LJ effectively increases the percentages of LX’s cut. You also don’t need to be too concerned with the order they fire in. Seems helpful for those who don’t have the premium mana control options.

Between Li Xiu, Ameonna (mine is now +18), and Danzaburo we have quite a thing going. WHC! I am glad we have more than just Danzaburo in common. Having only the weird nipple guy to unite us makes us nipple buddies or something. That can’t work for me as I already have the exact right number of nipple buddies.


Yeah, have only one Bryn that is fully leveled, but thankfully Sif is very useful here since she cuts down damage by half.

Kong is the new one in team, replacing Gretel. He is still at 4/44 so still squishy. He was the only casualty here and only because I was stingy with items. Otherwise not difficult, Azlar mostly killed himself with his special on Sif’s Reflect while Miki’s boost and silence handled the rest well.

Emblems will go to Sif and Kage, since he is just training hard now and Miki is almost maxed (+17). Trainer will collect dust.