Ithar – 5* Holy / Yellow - August 2023 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Since when has G. Falcon become a Khufu killer !!! LOL !!!

G. Falcon has an attack over 1000 when emblemes and LBed. You add his 54% elemental def down and his hit can do a lot. The thing is he is a glass cannon, but with Ithar to control mana, you can prevent the defense from firing.

Came across this thread and forgot I had her at 4/80 with a lb no emblems. So decided to give her a chance. I think she is very under rated esp in the way ppl are lining up their defenses - Ludwig’s, immunity, reflects, buffs like crazy…anyway…decided to give her a chance and see what she could do…and she was great. Stole Ludwig’s taunt so my heavy hitters didn’t have to wait bc she’s at VF…put Ludwig down, then stole the mana boost of craziness from a nb and it gave it to my heavy…another enemy down. It sped up the fight against a heavy def buff team.
She like EVERY other hero has a time and place for use, but where she’s needed, in spite of having no dmg, she did her job and did it well.
I’ll wait to see if they do buff her at some point before assigning emblems though as that seems to be a bit wasted on her esp for rogue class


My rule of thumb is pretty much “never feed away your only copy of a non-S1 hero.”

Partly because you can’t predict how the game might change around a given Special. (Example: Grimble, end of 2019. Not highly valued by many at the time as at the time, minion summoners, and size and power of minions, were pretty limited and “just kill minions with regular damage” was generally seen as a reasonable counter. Anti-minion has risen in value since then, though….)

Partly because you can’t predict if and when a non-premium hero might actually receive a buff (Example: Grazul getting her VF heal increased from 15% to 22%, which significantly boosted her utility. Granted, significant buffs these days increasingly to be aimed more at already-more-powerful premium heroes whose portal is about to re-open… or “chase this hero again by trying to pull their costume.”)


…you might actually summon a so called “top tier” card.

I sound like a broken record on this topic, but level and use whatever you get/like. There are no wrong answers as to what makes a hero viable. Other players are offering their opinion on any given card based on their own roster and/or play style.

If their opinion differs from yours…:man_shrugging:

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Another direct, general use case of Ithar I found in the current 5* tourney:

(V)fast flank put buffs on slow tank

We had only 6 holy tiles (so fast-alternative is not enough), Ithar waited a bit until slow tank full or almost full then steal both buff & mana of the tank …

According to Zack’s formula (see post below), stealing from full-charged defensive 5* slow hero, will give all allies 1 tile, if a hero has 7%-mana bonus which is easily achievable

Mana points 35% steal MP for each of 5 heroes MP +7% bonus
slow/styx3 1348 471 94 100

Note also the advanced use case of Ithar & R&N to charge avg-speed Heroes in only 6tiles is possible

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She’s a she for sure, she literally wears her bra over her clothes.
To drive the point home, I assume.

I actually put her in my raid team already, which has R&N and replaced Thanatos with her. Ithar is still a bit squishy at 4-61, though, but she’ll soon be maxed.

The core team of Milena, Ray, Becky and R&N works very well with various different heroes, already tested this with Nemesis, Thanatos, Kullervo or even Roxia and Lucy.

There is lots of mana being thrown around. 10% from Milena and Ray and even from Becky. Stolen mana via R&N and now even via Ithar.

Ithar is definitely a fun hero to add there. She adds a lot of flexibility and with Becky even Ithar’s special can cause a lot of damage to all enemies.


@Zack nice! Today I tested my Ithar 3/26, RN combo along with non-max Loki , and I had great fun with stealing mana, buff and special from enemies …

Looking forward to 2023 family bonus :slight_smile:


Anyone else finding out that Ithar is a very underrated hero on offense? Or should I keep it to myself?


She shines in mono Holy teams. Other heroes going to get mana faster. At very fast mana she is excellent against taunters.

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I find her particularly effective when paired with Devana against Ludwig tanks. If tiles go bad, at least I can remove his taunt, and then follow up with Devana assuming I can get another match after Ithar which allows me to remove the mana bonuses on the flanks. And at very fast, she and Malosi fire together so I can convert Ludwig into a temporary tile dump if he isn’t dead.

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I like and use mine in my stack. Very underrated hero imo. As previously said, she shines most in mono yellow. However, i never raod mono and she is still very usable for my stack.

Sometimes her mana steal is the key part in my success to charge almost full mana heroes, while other times she makes the obvious win just quicker.


In fact, Ithar was underestimated by many players, but this is gradually starting to change :thinking:

I only use it in mono teams against Hippo because I want as many heroes as possible to shoot after stealing his bonus. Otherwise I usually go 3-2 to reduce the risk of a bad board.

I would disagree here, because Ludwig is the only taunter against whom Ithar works poorly in my opinion… 4* Sabina in the first costume is much better in this situation :wink:

Below you can see an example fight in which Ithar launches at the perfect moment. I previously lost a fight with this opponent:

(without using Ithar) because Thalassa was too much of a problem…

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My team is cSabina, Ithar, Devana, Lord Loki, and Malosi. The problem is trying to get cSabina to fire before Ludwig fires, not always possible. Ithar is there in case he fires before I can fire Malosi or cSabina. That happens a lot.


It seems to me that you are a bit too afraid of Ludwig, he will never be as dangerous as he used to be (a lot has changed in this game since his “debut”).
You use up a lot of space on heroes to stop him and thus lose a lot of your own attack power.
For example, my standard team against Ludwig is: Ariel (FS I), cSabina (4* S1), Loki (FS II), some heavy hitter (in my case Alfrike, Gestalt or Isarnia) and Quintin (SE) or Shar’Khai ( 4* UT).
Most Ludwigs have no chance :wink:

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Keep in mind that’s only if he is in traditional tank position. I used to use Bai Yeong or cDrake Fong. But what has happened many times is that Ludwig fires, and I end up killing him which leaves his flanks with their mana buff and cSabina may not be charged. At least with my current team, I can have Ithar steal the taunt, and the Devana then dispels them both. Assuming I actually get yellow tiles, it isn’t too hard to have Itgar charged up and ready to fire again and steal mana from another target. Also, any heavy firepower is usually picked up by Lord Loki because I don’t usually have anything comparable.

I mean out of your heroes you use, I have Sabina, Lord Loki and Isarnia. And I don’t take slow heroes because my tile luck is horrible and I am lucky to be able to fire average heroes.

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I mostly use her in Mono Holy. She routinely wins Raid matches for me early that otherwise might have been in question and ended up in losses. I’d imagine she could have a similar effect pairing her up with slower but powerful Holy heroes in 3-2 or 3-1-1 stacks

Even though not fully leveled, now she has a solid place on my attack team along with R&N, Loki and C2LiXiu. She and R&N stop enemies, help Loki and LiXiu charge faster so they can be key to win. I was lucky to have CPerceus which can be charged in 6 tiles with all bonus + mana stealt, so he amplified whatever Loki copied. Alucard or AnaBelle or CHansel can be swapped in depending on enemies.

4 fights vs. 5.8/9k (Goblin, Myoin, Ludwid, Arco et al.)

The latest one, I tested lv72 CHansel with Ithar

Following are old posts where Ithar synergy also with C2LiXiu

4 fights against 6k+, including Lunar, DarkFeather, Gestalt, Construct and Bard

In this match, the key is Ithat steal mana from Lunar, and Loki is able to copy Lunar before the original can fire

Against Ukkonen and Meta construct