It is a time to improve alliances, just like in some other games

Hello, fellow players, admins, and the creators,

I do not know if this was ever discussed, but I think that alliances in E&P have been neglected for far too long. Except for the addition of fighting against members, there is nothing new since the beginning of the game.
And maybe it is time to change that. Like in some other games, alliances are working together on many different things, not only wars, titans, and here and there some alliance quests that do not have any real purpose.

For instance, alliance technology might benefit the alliance in building bases together, fighting wars, titans, and whatever new might be introduced. The contribution should be rewarded.

Introducing new heroes and families is way overused, and the new heroes are disqualified whole teams of old ones. The alliance market is a great way to start with, where everything between alliance members might be exchanged, for example. And I can bet that it will pay back to creators in a much better way than by reusing the same ideas over and over again.

It is time that Small Giant and Zynga, as the funder, start working hard for their $$$ (that are coming from us, players).

Introducing something really new, like significant alliance improvements, would be much better than the reintroduction of level breakings, new heroes, and families. Which is just dull, TBH.

There is a way to improve a great game, but that requires dedication and backbreaking work from the designers.

Please make a good change and let the alliances get the real meaning of playing together.

Thank you,
Emilly the Good (3mi2ly in the game).


Alliance war
Mythic Titan
Alliance Quest
Monster Island
Higher star titans
Alliance gifts

That’s just a list of alliance things since the beginning of the game I came up with in 60 seconds.


Okay, so you are saying that you are against the idea.
Good to know.
Those quests, just like anything else, are still individual, and no typical alliance will care that much about them.
But it is okay.
Solo players and heavy spenders are more than welcome.
P.S. Enjoy the zombie games. They are alliance-oriented.

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Didn’t say that at all. I’m pro more things to do with alliance (although we’ve seen it causes strife for some others). I disagreed with how you discounted the things we can do with our alliance.

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Wars and Titans have been in the game since the beginning.
Mytic Titan is not an actual new thing. It is just a Titan that can not be defeated, lol.
The new additions are not as worthing as they should be.
I am more towards playing together with the alliance being there for me than me being there for the alliance.
Having too much food and the need for iron or vice versa is the common thing in the alliance. The same goes for items. Hero Academy and Alchemy Lab are for individual use.
There is no everyday alliance thing in the game that allows even lower levels to participate actively. Alliance does not help its members in any way.
I am only suggesting a change that is not constantly equalizing heroes only because the creators lost track of them as they spread like a plaque.
Even Microsoft changes Windows (not always for the best, tho), so should Small Giant make some fundamental changes in the gameplay.
It would renew the game, but obviously, there are enough heavy spenders, so why would they even bother to do anything except for spinning the same wheel over and over?
The good thing is that there are (over time, more and more of them) alliances willing to keep anyone, even without participation, because, for a long time, players, the game is sometimes just too dull.
And the reason for the change in alliance acceptance is apparent: keep the high levels for any cost. If you kick them, they are welcome anywhere.
It is only a suggestion for the game to grow for the better, and it will not happen if we applaud them for doing nothing.
I like the game, but I would like to see an actual new addition since it is almost the only game I have played for a long time.
And whenever I take a break from it, the only new things are crazy new heroes and heroes rebalancing.
While trying other games that have all of the goodies, but I do not want to start from the beginning.
The new sessions are not that hard to introduce, therefore it is true, while they are welcome, that is not anything new for real.

The game does not have an end, which is excellent.
So, the expansion of it in new directions should not have an end, too, but it is at a dead end, nothing really new in years.

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In short, I saw excellent, new possibilities in new games that I do not like.
It would be amazing to see the same in my favorite game.
That is all.
Would that happen? That depends on us (players).

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wars didn’t come into the game until 2018, a year after global release

players have plenty to do already, and more coming as is. i don’t think we need more things to do, actually think more things to do is currently part of the problem.

wanna burn hams and iron? do some troop pulls, hero pulls, up your rank in events, etc if you want to spend hams & iron, you can find a way without the devs bombarding us with more activities.

still have monster island coming into regular rotation, and still waiting on “dominion dragons” or wtf ever that is…

if your alliance isn’t stringing 14s, top 100 in mythics and aq, winning 65-70% of your wars yearly, then there’s still plenty of work to do. instead of improving on what’s already here, you’d rather add more to get further behind the curve. i could see some alliances like 7dd claiming there’s not enough to do but for 99% of alliances in the game they have plenty of room for improvement in pretty much every area.

all i’ll say on it, good luck.


Id like to see a combination of War and Monster Island.

The maps from the 5 (6 with Untold?) seasons set up with regions you fight to take over. Alliances would attack other alliances using the current war system (set a defence for incoming, but utilise the full roster for outgoing attacks). Battles at 3*, 4* and 5*. Each region would have its own War rules, buffs or hinderances based on what seems to fit the story for that area.

Alliances could forge partnerships to take down whatever alliance was currently leading in a particular region (this would encourage smaller alliances to get involved and allow them a share of the loot if it worked) and would encourage a lot more networking a sociability amongst the player base. It would probably rejuvinate the active members here on the forum too. Each region would have a set of reward tiers based on where you finish in total points. Alliances can only rank in one region per event.

The event would last a week or so, maybe 10 days, and run every 2 or 3 months.

A flag system would probably still be beneficial to discourage players from staying awake 20 hours a day to maximise attacks. Player health is important and it would reduce fatigue.

That would appeal to me far more than Raid Leagues or W3K.


Well, $G alreaddy took a position on this concept: “over our dead bodies!”

But improving alliance functions would be nice.
What I would like to see is a possibility to see allies’ rosters.
But I don’t have a clue, how $G would make revenue on this, so not likely to see it in foreseeable future…

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And, unfortunately, that’s why doing something radically new isn’t truly a priority. Reminds me of a certain Youtuber complaining about a broken game which rakes in billions or something (might be an exaggeration) and they still haven’t fixed the bugs; but when customers (not players, not gamers) are happy to spend that much on an admittedly broken product which works enough, then why bother fixing things? I think it’s similar to the issue here too: minimal effort for maximum profit.

Though intrigued at what these alliance activities you have in mind are. :thinking:

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Yeah, new heroes do not need almost any work but are increasing revenue astronomically.
The first session heroes are entirely obsolete by now. Atlantis ones too.
The new ones can defeat the whole team of “classic” heroes.
Well, I just tried to say what might be okay, not that it will ever be done.
And as long as they are making huge revenue, they will not change the game in any way.
Which is okay with me, though.
P.S. And passively defending the makers and saying there is already too much to do in the game is destructive.
No, neither me or my alliance are willing to be the best out there, we want only some more fun. Nothing else. And, the truth is that it is a single player game, alliances are capitalists in the worst possible way, lol

Thank you for contributing to the game’s museum and tracking what was released and when.
The museum sucks, this might be added to it.
The history of E&P.

Try a few games that you are seeing in “free” stuff.
You will get the idea very soon.
Almost all of them are doing it in a similar way.
Technology, growth, helping weaker members of the alliance (the one that would be the best in E&P and is missing).

This is written from a ptp point of view I assume?

Yeah. Because I am usually beaten when facing the new ones. And I am beaten like one new one wipes up my whole season I and II team :sweat_smile:

I did not discount anything. I just wanted to see the new updates that are available in other similar games (and most of them are derived and appeared on the market after the E&P). I do not care much about the graphics, but newer match 3 games have many new additions, which would be amazing in my favorite game, too (E&P). Seriously, one of the best additions is helping between alliance members. And it is not a big brainy for Zynga to still cash in a lot, by limiting the amount of helping. That is what the new games are having and E&P does not.
I am only saying that Small Giant and Zynga should consider some significant improvements, being exceptionally well funded by players.
Give back, right? Well, they are not doing that at all :confused:


Our E&P gods ( SG, Zynga, T2) don’t care about players feeling good. They care about money. As long as something can’t generate revenue, it will stay at the bottom of their priority list. Alliance market was debated one zillion times here. It will not happen. Why? Simple. Because it’s a revenue killer.

How long have you been playing?
As a spender, even a small one you should have Ludwig, Lord Loki and maybe some other good heros after season 2.
Of course it always depends on expectations.
If you want to play at the top or near the top you have either to spend or have exceptional planning and playing skills and a tad of luck. :slight_smile:
I agree that improvements in some aspects of the game would go a long way concerning the retention of the player base, unfortunately but not suprisingly the game owners are following the usual, shortsighted american management style the spread around the world or at least to Switzerland in the 80ies of the last century.
So since SG sold the game I didnt really expect much of a positive developement for the game but the accelerating power creep and money milking went ahead much faster than I expected.
I still love to play the game and make the best with what I have, which as a 5+ year ftp includes a mediocre roster with some highlights like Adalinda, Ludwig, Heimdall, Alfrike and a few others.
LB2ing Ludwig brought me back to a solid place in lower to mid diamond where I have been for a couple of years and my war scores see me seldom at the top so it doesent really feel like I make progress in the game any more. :rofl:
I dont ecpect to last the game for another 5 years but we will see.
Hope dies always last! :+1:

Is she a character? Where can I get her? She might improve my raid defence team, which has been getting inexplicably pulverized for 2 days :joy:

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