Is this worth it?

So is worth the $10??


Do you use a lot of loot tickets?
Do you have $10 to spare?

Does it feel worth it to you? If yes, but it, if not, dont.


It’s a good gem-for-dollar exchange alone.

Add in world flask (usually 100 gems) and you have a good deal. The loot tickets are a way to save time.

TL;DR: Yes.

I think it’s a decent deal if you generally spend a fair amount on gems, and have run out of other places to get them at a little discount.

But the same price will get you 1000 gems and a 4* unfarmable ascension mat in a lot of deals, including today’s Christmas offer.

And $8 will get you 1600 gems and 100 Atlantis coins in the monthly Atlantis deal.

So I don’t personally think it’s a good deal.

Yes. It’s a good offer. Basically any offer that is pretty much a penny per gem with other loot added is a good one! Especially if you like using loot tickets! I think they are great for when i am short on time and want to use my world energy! I use them on the tough levels that i would use lots of craft items to beat again.

When is the next Atlantis deal?

12/26 10pm pacific time.

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Presuming it starts again right when Atlantis returns, 8 days, 10 hours.

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Where do you see the schedule for this?

If you’ve beaten all of the unlocked Atlantis levels, a timer for the next release shows up, like this:

I use loot tickets on Atlantis hard mode to complete missions. I can actually pop in during work, use a loot ticket when I have enough flags, and pop out again… Saves a lot of time :grin:

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