Is this ok? poor Ascension Pack result



Is this ok? i pay for it with 600gems


That’s what it is. Once I did the same and it was equal to yours. You got a chance for 2 of the shown items. Never again.


If it was like i get 100% one rare ascension item and one random then ok but this? this is stealing money


And this is why I only buy the guaranteed bundles…


Is it normal? Yes. Is it okay? Nope. Stay away from anything in the shop that says “guaranteed two of the following”.


No this is NOT ok, and the developers should change this ASAP…They’re charging you for stuff that you can get in bundles for free by simply playing the game…I’ve (and others) complained about this time and time again…Total rip off. Honestly, you have to buy all of them out if you want to get all the actual ascension items you can’t get by playing the regular campaign…


Even if you buy all 5 of them you can get 5 x that crap.

They just aren’t worth the money TBH: sometimes you can get absurdly lucky from them but most times, you won’t. RNG and the odds are bad.


No, they’re charging you for a chance to getting something that you desire.

Personally, i very like this politics of “money can’t buy everything” of this game.
It make understand to some “frenetic” people how the things works here.

What i don’t like about it, is that they don’t say out and loud that the chance to get something good on this offers is very low.
This is not cute.


Walk into a casino and take a pull on the slot machine. Surprised you didn’t hit the jackpot? Or even a decent prize? Most often you get nothing, zip, nada.

That’s what these ascension packs are: a spin on a random chance. I know it is possible to pull the good items, because I’ve been lured by the possibility myself. But mostly you get crap. A very expensive and uncertain way to get rare items.


I suggested my ally mates to never buy anything from the shop… not worthy the risk…
Last time of nature materials, I spent 3000 gems and got ZERO Shields or tonics… so never again


I only use gems on the Guarantee Pack. I get everything else I need from patience and playing the game.


No, it’s not okay. That’s why justice is planning to forbid these things. But as long as it’s not forbidden, it’s a legal way to earn money, even though it’s ethically discutable.


I never buy those either because of the face that I know that I will get exactly what you got…


I learned the hard way that Ascension packs are simply not worth it. I guess you did too.


Right now in Germany there is a discussion to prohibit this kind of loot boxes (at least the ones with random content).


My (incomplete) understanding is that buying random packages for money would be banned unless the odds are revealed, not banned altogether. There is a gray area here, because all monetary transactions with SG yield definite results, no randomness. Random outcomes always cost gems, which are not legal currency and can be earned or won in ways other than cash purchases.


Indeed, i don’t think SG are doing something against the law in any way. They sure have some person/agency that tell them what can or can’t do, so i can’t see a legal issue take place at all.

Make avalaible the odds for the money that we use should be an act of courtesy and transparecy towards their customers.

I fear that the odds are not the same every day of the month for all the things, and thats why they don’t provide us with data.

Just think about it: how many people do their pulls for HotM on the beginning of the month vs the end of the month?


Why would they do that?

  1. Doesn’t make them any additional money
  2. Is harder
  3. Isn’t fair

Bad game design.

People do their pulls at the beginning of the month because they want the HOTM as soon as possible. For everyone that takes over 100 rolls to get Zeline there are others who got it in 1, and that’s true at any other time of the month too.

  1. Maybe, but it can balance things if they see that they are giving too much of “something”, or on reverse we need “more” of something else.
    Merely hypothesis of course.

  2. Even if i’m not an expert, my sixth sense tell me that it would not be so difficult at all

  3. That’s exactly why they don’t provide data

If you don’t tell anything, you don’t have to lie on anything or be unfair in any way.

I want to be clear, that’s not an accusation but just a reasoning, because i can’t see any other good reason to not give this simple informations.

If you have any other idea that explain this lack of trasparency i gladly hear you out and change my mind.


I didnt/havnt play much game like this, but did other game developer actually reveal the odds? If yes, how did they do it? Because I always see folks want SG to reveal the odds of summoning/buy packs? is there a law on this?