Is this hero at max level?

In leveling up this hero I tried to feed it as many green feeder’s as possible. I am assuming the max special skill is eight . I have fed 20 more 2 star green heroes into him yesterday with no improvement in skill or power. I thought I read that if I kept feeding him his max skill would increase . Obviously I don’t want to feed anymore if he’s done at level five power 433. I am sure I will get the right information here. Thanks in advance

He is maxed out in terms of ascension but you are correct that his special skill is not yet maxed and is sitting at 5/8

You can continue to feed him to try and get his special up

10×2* green would give you a 40% chance of a special increase. Not guaranteed of course though, you may feel those resources are better spent elsewhere depending on what else you have to work on


2* feeders have worse special increase chance/xp ratio than 1s, they are leveling the hero too fast. Next time you might want to feed with only 1s until special is maxed. Sometimes 3s don’t reach their max special by the time they have max xp even with 1 feeding.

Agree with @Annieb that if you have another good green, you would benefit more from leveling that hero instead of working on special of an already maxed hero.


As mentioned the hero is at is max level but his special is only 5/8. Most of my 3* heroes weren’t max special 8/8 before they were fully leveled which is a bummer since you have to continue to dump heroes to get his special maxxed.


Thanks for all the good input everybody I really appreciate it I’m not sure for my plans that I need to work and waste feeders to him at this point . This forum really rocks :sunglasses:


@anc1ent1 , You should also ask yourself “will it matter if I don’t max this special”. In Mnesseus’ case, I think the answer is no. he’s already at 305% damage to a single target, and the dispell isn’t going to get any better.

Unless you have no 4*'s to work on, or you’re planning on using him for competitive events, I’d leave him as-is and move on.


4 star heroes are the core of this game. I personally wouldn’t waste the resources to try and max the special for a hero that will end up relegated to the war bench, and if you play long enough you won’t even use 3 stars in wars. There’s not enough upside.


You can get 8/8 :wink:

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I was in the same situation with my Squire Wabbit. Maxed hero with skill 5/8. It took me lot of nerves and tons of food and about 200 feeder heroes to max him. Boy it was frustrating and took forever…


But i have no regrets… Squire is my fav 3* :slight_smile: cool little bugger

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