Is there any order to the country flag pins?

That is helpful, thanks! What flag list did you use to know there aren’t any left over?
I don’t keep screenshots of the pins/flags, so I’ll have to wait until they cycle around to fix any of the other questions you have.

I found the missing info for Fire/Element Fire and renamed Holland to Netherlands, so this should be final.


That’s awesome! I think the only pending question is why there seems to be 2 Ukraine’s, one after Wales (which was today), and one after Cool, which we should see on Dec 5th. Hopefully I’ll remember when that rolls around!

I’m guessing it was to make the code that rotates the offer easier, as 122 is a third of a year. If they had gone with 121, they would have needed 123 for the last third of the year which is more pins than they have, duplicating one resolves that issue.

Not sure why Ukraine, as it’s not quite the last one alphabetically as Vietnam has always been in since they added pins. Maybe the person doing the coding was Ukrainian or maybe they just picked one at random or maybe they shuffled the list before realising they needed to duplicate one, and Ukraine was at the end of the list, so they duplicated it and shuffled again. Seems odd that they didn’t just add one of the emojis that they left out though and why a black flag? who knows.

Call me crazy, but I’m still not understanding why all of these aren’t available for purchase at any time.

I know they are banking on the expectation that players will stick around for 6 months and check the shop every day waiting for their country’s pin, hoping that the player won’t have enough gems available and will then be pressured into buying extra gems on that day for the specific purpose of purchasing their national pin…

A few problems with that “model”.

  • First, what if the player doesn’t actually stick around long enough for their country to pop up in the rotation? That’s lost revenue…
  • Second, what if the player happens to miss the one day when their country pops up? More lost revenue…
  • Third, what if the player is on that day and checks the shop, sees the pin is available, but they are lacking the available funds to purchase it that day? Lost revenue…

Once again. Here I am proposing a “crazy” idea. What if… they offered every national pin for sale every day?

“TGW there you go again with your crazy nutcase ideas that would totally ruin the entire balance of the game!”

We’re talking about country pins here. Not sure how that would throw off the balance of the universe-

“SHUT UP TGW!!! You are ruining the elegant beauty of RNG that keeps everything in this game in balance! Stop suggesting ideas that some players might appreciate! If you want to buy something, see Zocc in the Boblin Gallooon. For $4.99 he can put a stamp on your forehead.”

Okay, okay, sorry…


The only thing that i do not like on this flags and other pins, that they are a lil bit to big in my opinion. The avatars and flags often don‘t fits very well, so i do not use my flag on the avatars i like the most. Just some examples. I just wish, they would give us the ability to mirror the avatar pics…

image image image image imageimage


Why is there no England Flag?
There’s a UK, Scotland and Wales flag, but I don’t see England.
It needs to be added to the rotation

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Totally agree, there really needs to be an England George Cross flag

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Does anyone know if there is a Togo pin?

I check as often as I can, but I’ve never seen it. I feel like there should be a Togo pin… but… maybe there isn’t.

I dunno


No. Only the ones in the image I posted above.

@Tea Check out spreadsheet link in post 14.

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Thanks so much for this list!

I noticed that there is a rainbow pin in the latest release notes. I’m hoping it arrives in the avatar shop soon!

I saw that too. Should be up on the 24th, but keep an eye on the store daily anyway.

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@Aeryn Rainbow pin might be available next week!

SG, please keep adding new things to the avatar shop! :sweat_smile:

When I got the Christmas update to the game, I noticed the offer had shifted backwards so was repeating offers we have already had recently. I think rainbow will be on 30th now.

Here’s an updated list. (Note: the rainbow flag is a placeholder that I made, will update with the real one when it comes up, if I remember)


@Schmosby Thanks so much for the updated list!

I need to save as many gems as I can for hero summons. Your list helps me to looks ahead, and hold onto gems for my most wanted pins. :smile:


This is awesome, thanks a lot!
So 28 Feb 21 will repeat to holy element pin?

Awesome list, thank you!
Never bought anything for avatar picture but definitely getting that rainbow icon :two_hearts:

Fwiw, avatar shop has went from axe pin, straight to cat (black) pin.

Hopefully rainbow pin is soon. Got free POV gems ready!

I haven’t had either up since the update. Are you on the snow appearance version of the game? Seems like you are still on the previous version, as you are still following the previous list.

This is what I’m on at the moment…

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