Is there any order to the country flag pins?

Do the country flag pins show up in a specific order, or they just pop up randomly?

I’ve been waiting for the Canadian flag pin for a long time but have never seen it in the avatar shop. Some days I forgot to check the avatar shop, but I’ve tried to check it regularly, still no chance.

Don’t you think that at least the flags should always be available to buy? It has no effects on the gameplay, I don’t know why they are so hard to get!

As far as I am aware it’s random. It felt like ages the time I waited for the UK flag

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Definitely random… Although I have seen the Canada pin, although its only available for purchase within a short time frame :confounded:. @princess1 might know when she saw it last?

Here’s a relevant thread of other country pin requests.

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I can’t remember but I know it doesn’t come up often. Don’t even get me started on my favourite pet peeve.

A player’s country flag should be available at all times, from the moment they start the game, and every other country on a random basis if they choose to add more pins.


10,000% agree.

And I’m not even interested in buying a country flag.

YES. I’m a Murican. Rah rah rah. “Greatest country on earth,” (so we say, and since we’re the ones saying it, it must be true). Still… meh to me. Forum main language is English, so there are plenty of Muricans here. SG may be a Finnish company, but they are now owned by an American company (typical… we see some other country making money, we want in. It’s the American way.) There are over 300 million of us all over the game and the forum and elsewhere on the internet, in fact we own basically 90% of the interwebz, I feel no need to rub our superiority into anyone else’s faces. :laughing:

(jokes people, jokes! Honestly I love it that there are people representing other nations here)

But back to the country pin thing (and also on topic of making money).

I think we all realize that SG wants to make more money, right? I mean, that’s pretty much their main goal in life.

And they really don’t care where that money comes from, as long as they’re getting paid. Right? You guys still with me here?

So… considering how many different countries there are in the world… and how many people from different parts of the world play this game… one would think that a company whose primary purpose is to make money… would not simply limit national flag pins to “one nation per day” and force people to wait 6 months for their country to pop up. They should all be available to purchase for every player from day one. Period.

I mean seriously. One doesn’t have to have a university degree in business to see what a blatantly obvious business mistake it is to limit the sale of specific national flags to “one random flag available per day”. OH SURE you can argue that it makes business sense to keep the 5* hero summoning odds low. And you can argue that it makes business sense to severely limit the number of unfarmable ascension materials people get in their loot.

But what the hell sense does it make to lock COUNTRY FLAG PINS (or any other pins, or backgrounds, or avatars for that matter) behind an RNG-BASED rotational paywall???

Imagine a restaurant. Customer comes in, asks for a burger.

OWNER - “Sorry, we don’t have any burgers.”

CUSTOMER - “You don’t sell burgers here?”

OWNER - “Oh, we do! Just not today. Today we’re only selling fish sticks.”

CUSTOMER - “I see. So when can I come back to get a burger?”

OWNER - “I can’t tell you. It’s random.” :crazy_face:



O Canada!
Our home and native…


Yes, by any logic, all country flag pins should always be available to purchase. Financially speaking, It’s even good for SG. I don’t understand the logic behind the daily random pins while it has no effect on the gameplay. It seems that I have to wait for a million years for the Canadian flag. And some day it might pops up and I forget to check the avatar shop. Then I have to wait for it another million years! :man_shrugging:


That’s ridiculous, because by my estimation… Canadians make up a relatively large percentage of the regular posters here (and also, I assume, a fairly large percentage of the total playerbase).

How many of us check the avatar shop every day? I know I don’t.

Players shouldn’t have to check the avatar shop every day just to hope that their specific country is going to be featured that day. Who decides? It just makes zero sense to me that each player isn’t allowed the opportunity to go in and customize their own avatar using all of the available avatars and pins and backgrounds and such from day one.


@TGW that’s exactly what I had to do for months. Check the “shop” daily waiting for the U.K. flag pin to pop up. It was painful - but had to do it for my flag


I’m still waiting for the English flag to come up, I’ve seen a Welsh and Scottish flag, but no English one yet

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Never seen an England flag
20 England flags please
@Petri - can you confirm if there is and England (George Cross) flag available as a pin from the shop


After a long time, today the Canadian flag was on the avatar shop and I got it :star_struck:
But still, I believe that all country flags should always be available for purchase. Every player have to always have access to their country’s flag


Central American flags would be great too. But seems there are many more important countries before us. Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panamá. Sad.

I also ask you for Slovakia flag. Do you read this chat?

The flags are on a 127 day cycle. I’ve put it up here
Hopefully I’ve identified all of the flags correctly.


Hey, the order seems right, but the predicted dates are out.

Yeah, good point. I’ll check on that one tomorrow.

Looks like there was a ‘repeat’ of 5 flags back in January, so the gap prior to that was 127 days, but it actually should be 122 days. Also, Ukraine is in the cycle twice. Most likely because I misidentified one of them, so I’ll keep an eye out for what happened there.

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It’s simple marketing. And quite efficient, too… as long as you’re looking for a specific pin, you’ll visit the store every day for a long time. Might as well buy something else while you’re there…

Don’t think you misidentified Ukraine, as I had no flags images left over. It does seem to be repeated.

I renamed Catalonia to Catalan and changed the emoji pins to their emoji names, as that’s what they are better known by.

There are a couple of thing need fixing if you have the info to hand.

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