Is there a table or sheet where to find ascension materials?

I now need 1 sturdy shield and probably i’ll need other materails.

Would be great if there would be a spreadsheet or table that says where to farm for it or how to get it.
And ARE there materials that can only be bought?

Otherwise it would be wonderful if people can post here what they need (as i need the shield) and where to find it, so someone CAN make a sheet about this :smiley: :ok_hand:

No ascension items are purely “buy for cash”.
Some are very rare however.

Also theres a picture floating around about what materials are needed to fully ascend 4* and 5*, @Rook usually keeps a Copy close to the Past button for easy access.

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Actually, with Rare Quest, there are two free ascension items each quest, plus the number of random ascension items one gets via Titan Loot, Wanted Chests, Rare Wanted Chests and Mystic Vision. :wink:

Here is that graphic. (Thanks to whomever created it, you are awesome!)


EDIT: And here is the list of Rare Quests, in order, for those who don’t have it yet:


I got a warm cape this morning from Mystic Vision, and yesterday a sturdy shield and compass from an elemental chest and other stuff previously from titan kills and titan chests.

Takes freaking forever, but they are there.

Good luck

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Thank you for posting Rook. So i understand, if i’m right, that having 100 5 :sunny: heroes isn’t that difficult (ahum), but getting them fully leveled has the luck factor :smiley:

I’ll have a better look at all the quests to see what they deliver and further on trust my luck. :slight_smile: Too bad some pretty shiny gems don’t do the full work :smiley: But on the other hand you could fully buy your upgraded team. :slight_smile:

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Well yes and no, on both counts:

  • Many spenders have expressed that the mean ol’ RNG gods have not been kind to them, so getting 5* heroes can still be viewed as a kind of luck.

  • However, one’s “luck” getting ascension materials is mitigated by how often one trawls the mats locations of opportunity: Titan loot, Wanted chests, Rare Wanted chests, Rare Quests*, Mystic Vision. Further, when you realize that two guaranteed mats are possible every Rare Quest, but you have to have a high enough team power to win them (I.e., time + hard work), it becomes less and less an issue of luck, and more and more an issue of “you pull out what you put in”.

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With Tome of Tactics being the limiting factor of Ascending 5 star heroes to maximum, they really need to make them more available than they are at present. Other than the extremely rare drop from a box or titan, there is only one rare quest that includes a tome of tactics and that quest only includes it every other incarnation. That’s about 4, maybe 5 a year. I’ve not seen a tome of tactics drop out of a titan box myself, but I’ve heard others say they’ve received one.

Tome of Tactics needs to be made more available. Even if it is just part of the rare quest on every incarnation rather than every other, it would at least double the extreme rare occurrence of the item.


No argument here. I’ve had 4 in a year. :slight_smile:


I could live with 8 to 10 per year plus the occasional purchase from a pack special. That is still extremely rare, but only 4 per year is nowhere near enough.