Is Richard or Kaiden worth the Ascension mats?

I see your point Slickers, i am lucky enough to be a +2500 cups raider, so wu kong cannot come on raids with me, he would die to quickly to be of any use…
So elaken does more damage than Kaiden, but Kaiden brings the shield… so it is a bit of swings and roundabouts really, probably better to wait it out for a better green 5* really.

A heros useability changes depending on the enemies. Shes nothing to drool over but def. has her use. But as for how it is now, id wait for next month and the event. See who you can in the 2200 steady cup range. Wu is squishy, but if i can get him off [ :wink: ] i got no problems smashing out enemies.

Hey lexinen.
You make a good case for Richard. I would not use him as a tank in either raid attack or defence… guin is my defence tank, delilah is my offence tank.
So for me he would be flank. Alasie and Richard either side of Delilah with morjana and domita on the wings…

I think once the christmas event is over, and if a better 5* blue has not arrived, i will ascend Richard then.

The sound of that hammer tho.

Eh, debatable,

If horghal goes off he can be a pain but elk and kadilen barely do any damage and have no effects on my team

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Alasie’s special sound is rather lame… unlike the scathing damage that it does…

Hi Denys,
Your right, it is very debatable. Both are just a bit s**t really.
I am going to banks the mats i have (enough to ascend 2 green 5*'s) and wait for at least one better green 5* to come along…

Ooooo yeahh. She hurts. Things tend to not go well for me if she fires.

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With the release of Evelyn looming, all the previously mentioned 5* green will become very viable, especially Elkanen because he gains 38% of the damage he deals and he’s got a fast mana charge. Combine Elkanen with Evelyn, Khiona, Drake and Gravemaker, that would be one hell of a defense.

Anyone who thinks Kad is junk isn’t using her right. Her shield is fast, and it’s awesome. It’s won me countless raids. Especially when I have 4s in play. Basically, Sartana, Joon, Liana, etc. Are kill shots for a 4. With Kad’s shield on it’s not even close, 450 HP tops. And speaking of Richard, if I can get his attack drain and her shield to stack against your sniper? Forget about it. I’ll beat you every single time.


Richard I would spend mats on…Kadilen - no.

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