Is Richard or Kaiden worth the Ascension mats?

I have attached pictures of my main fully ascended team, and my next best 5 heroes.
I have the materials to ascend both Richard and Kaiden, but do i have the resolve to ascend them?
I have no other 5 stars, TC 20 is still running, and i have enough gems to do a 10 pull on the Christmas event.
Would you pull the trigger and ascend Richard and Kaiden, or would you bank the mats and wait for better 5 stars to come along?

Before any one asks, Elaken was the first 5 star i ever pulled, so i ascended him before i knew any better


The elf twins aren’t the worst 5* green heroes you could have, but to answer your question. If you don’t have any other hero and you enjoy using Richard and Kaidlen then by all means, max them. If you plan on pulling during the Christmas event, you may want to wait for Evelyn and Mother North.


Lol which green is worse than them ???

Hi Stacey, i only ever use Richard and Kaiden in war teams, out of the two, i prefer Richard. But i am tempted to wait to see if a good blue 5* falls out of the Christmas event 10 pull.
If i wait for my TC 20, who pop out that is better?
Is Lianna available from TC20, or Ishnaria? otherwise i might have peaked with trainable 5*'s… only event heroes or HOTM provide better alternatives?

The giant tree with horns.


I actually have enough mats to ascend two green 5*'s… but there are no green 5*'s that can be TC20 trained that i would want to ascend… unless Lianna can be TC20 trained?

Both Lianna and Isarnia can pop out of TC20, so if you would prefer to wait for those…

Or as Stacey suggested, Christmas event should have some nice ones too…

No harm in waiting a little longer right?


Ah thanks Ninjanico… so i can keep my green ascension mats in my locker and wait for the better option ( lianna) to come along.


I do like Richard, and he can benefit from alasie’s spirit link… so i think i might wait until after the Christmas event, if no better 5* blue has come along, then ascend Richard. I will leave Kaiden at 3-70 and wait for a better 5* green to come along.

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Wait till after the Christmas event to ascend.

You’re welcome. Wishing you good luck with your tc20! :slight_smile:

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All this blue and green material talk.
I also have Azlar and Zimkitty, but not enough materials to ascend either… i may well necro this thread in a few months to ponder which of those 2 would pair well with an ascended Morjana…

I got kad maxed. Her special has helped numerous times.

Thanks Ninjanico, and it is quite funny to see us both having cat avatars as the chat pings back and forth…

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Hey Slickers,
My first impression was that Kaidens special is a bit underwhelming… but you find differently to that?

:scream_cat: Didn’t notice until you mentioned it!

As for a pairing with Marjana…I’d go with Zimkitty. I don’t think Azlar’s special stacks with Marj’s and can’t go wrong with a fast mana cleanse.

Id like the shield to last a bit longer. But think of the damage shes protecting heroes from. Say a sniper is about to fire, or a Good AOE special, pop off Kad for that protection. Shes made Lianna and Sartana blasts look like childrens hits before.
And especially on events where 3 tiles make a boss fire off.

I use Wu with her, and that benefits the initial damage too. When it hits. -_-


I use Richard for raid offense pretty regularly, and he is currently my defense tank. I’m pretty satisfied with his performance in both areas (though I am looking for a new tank before Mitsuko becomes common). I’m not sure about Kadilen, but I agree with saving the green mats if you want to do any pulls in December.

Wu with AOE specials brings me joy.

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