Is Frosth worth emblems? Rogue emblem question

I have Sif L20. Frosth ready for emblems and I pulled Frigg…waiting on tonics for her…do I save emblems for her or max Frosth out?

Thanks for your comments!!!

How many tonics do you need for Frigg? How many Rogue emblems do you have?

And who do you have for your greens and blues?


In case this helps you decide… here is what his stats look like at +18 talents, prioritizing defense and health the whole way:

Whether it is worth it to you depends primarily on whether you have any other significant minion-summoners that he can support. For me, it was a no-brainer, because I have Noor and Seshat, and he synergizes really well with them. Then later on, I lucked into Devana as well, so whenever an enemy team is heavy with minions, I can bring out that gang and just rip them to shreds. :smiley:

But in my opinion, he isn’t worth putting emblems on just for his own special.

Good gaming!


How many emblems do you have? Frigg should 100% be given +19 nodes as priority so you should save 1250 rogue emblems for her.

Whether you give emblems to Frosth depends on how much you use him in wars, tournaments, etc.
What war team would he go on? His elemental link is good if you use multiple average blue heroes on the same team and don’t have a lvl23 mana troop for all of them.


Need 4 Tonics. Just under 1500 emblems. My green and blues are strong. Thinking Frigg as defense over Rat and would add Frosth to a nasty minion team with Krampus, Freya, Seshat, and Sif.
This is why I’m torn.

I see. Those four tonics could take a while. :sweat_smile:

I agree with @B1gHeadAss on near maxing emblems on Frigg. Especially if defence is important to you.

If I had plenty of reset tokens, and can accept the high ham and iron cost to reset, I’d max out Frosth’s emblems while waiting for the tonics.

Otherwise, you can always save 1250 emblems to go +19 on Frigg. And use the remaining emblems on Frosth.

Thanks. Probably gonna save 1250 for Frigg. Appreciate the input!!

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Yes darkness, these people get good advice. I can’t think of another rogue more worthy than Frigg. Offense, defense, titans…Frigg is the entire package.


Frigg before frost, both are good but Frigg has a wider use hence it is in many top alliances defense teams

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Frosth fully emblemed is nice, but not necessary in my opinion. Level 8 for the mana bonus (unless you have enough mana troops level 29 :wink:), maybe level 9 for more stamina. Now I prefer others rogue for the emblems. I don’t have Frigg.

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Another +1 for Frigg

Emblem level 8 mana (use mana troop lvl 17), otherwise use mana troop lvl 23 is enough breakpoint for 9 tiles, not 29,…

EDIT: wait… Frost is fast.
So,… to make 7 tiles it need: mana troop lvl 29 or (lvl 23 + class)

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