Is anyone aware of a reposte bug?

I hesitate to report this as a bug since I didn’t capture it on video. In the tournament, I’m facing C. Rigard, Gullinbursti, Boril, C. Kaskrek, and Wilbur. Boril uses his special and then I kill him. A couple turns later his reposte wears off the other heroes, but anytime I hit Rigard with a special, my team receives damage. I thought it could be Gullinbursti’s effect, but to be clear, it happens when I use my special, but before I match tiles, so during my turn, not before or after. This may have been a quirk with Gullinbursti but it did not effect my entire team and happened during my turn so I think it was a reposte glitch. I didn’t record the match but will do so if I get another Boril opponent. Has anyone else seen this?

If Gullinbursti’s special was up and you used a special that dispels buffs that would end G’s effect and trigger the damage. Did you hit Rigard with Sonya or Caedmon?


No it was Guardian Jackal and Buddy. Does it happen that if you dispel him you are impacted during the turn? In that case I had Gullinbursti myself, Guardian Jackal, Almur, Buddy, and Griffin. I don’t think any of them would have caused Gullinbursti to fire before the end of my turn.

Probably the riposte did not wear off, it was just not visible from the small indicator (unless you click the hero) because they have too many buff (there is a limit of how many buff can be displayed with that small indicator).

You opponents have 5 buffing heroes so it is normal that there are so many buffs active that only some newer buff had indicator while older buff only shown if you click the hero.


And the OP also had 3 debuffing heroes, who can also fill the display

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