Is 15 talents enough for 5* hero?

Question for advanced players. What do you do with 5* heroes, do you stop at 15th talent and give emblems to other hero or you keep going?

I Gave +18 emblems to my war defence, nodes 19 and 20 are too expensive, so i stopped at 18, though i am taking LotL all the way to 20 for the mana bonus (4%)


Nodes 16-18 are relatively cheap for what you get, so there is no justification to stop at 15. Either stop at 18 or continue further.


You should stop at 6 or 18.

Six gives you a nice boost on offense is very cheap and you can do multiple heros.

Eighteen is for your defense team and very special offense heros. If you have taken your heros to 15 it is cheap to get 3 more nodes.


Same here but for Ursena… 375 emblems to go :cold_sweat:

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Really depends on your preferences and heroes. I think it’s worth leveling everyone to at least +18, but if you have multiple good heroes of the same class, spreading the emblems can be the better option.
I’d decide on a case by case basis.
It’s one of your strongest hero and in almost all of your teams? Bring him to +18 (or 19/20 if needed).
You use the hero a lot against titans or offensive raids? Some additional atk can really boost your damage.
You have lot’s of other strong heroes from the class who would benefit from the talent? Spread the embs until they are +15 and max them afterwards


Does depend on your game style I got jabberwok+9 but also would like to put some on wilbur at some point when I choose to is unknown

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