Iphone SE 2020 and Empires and Puzzles

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This topic is more like a free place to talk so feel free to share your experience. My question is quite simple. I have been using LG G7 Fit since it has been released in November 2018. I bought it only for the nice display and DAC experience. Now, after a year and a half I am pretty frustrated with its new laggy way of working. Outdated Snapdragon can’t provide enough power to run E&P smoothly. Is there any Iphone SE 2020 or even Iphone 8 user. Will it be hard to switch from 6.1 inch display to a 4.7? And second: Is the battery that bad? I spend 2-3 hours a day in this game and I heard that it can get only about 4 hours of SOT. But the CPU is so tempting. The fastest processor on the market in a budget device. Another option would be buying last year flagship Huawei P30 Pro but I wonder how long that device is going to get updates and how long its components gonna provide smooth gameplay. What do you think?

iPhone 7s here and it works fine.
I’ve been patiently awaiting 5g on iPhone so likely upgrading in the fall but E&P is smooth as it’s ever been and I’ve had maybe 5-6 crashes ever.

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Original iPhone SE here (from 2016) - runs E&P relatively smoothly as well. Gets bogged down just a smidge when there’s a lot of moving pieces (large cascades for example). It’s been receiving support updates and iOS updates even up to a few weeks ago.

I know that doesn’t answer any question you specifically asked - but if the old one can keep up, I’d say the new should do well also.


I have “Iphone SE” and I never had problems with the game.
Fast, safe, 0 failures, good battery.
As for the screen, I think that goes to everyone’s tastes.

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