Intoxicated Monks / 11-13 titans / 100% war flags used

Hey forum!

Intoxicated Monks - an international alliance, currently 24 folks.
11-13* titans.
We use 100% of war flags (opt out if you can’t fight, but use all flags if opted in), and currently are on the 7-win streak. We rotate tanks from rush to rush to make everyone happy (rush is FFA for some Alfrike mayhem). 4200-5200 war def teams.
Friendly banter (cause we all know Nelly sucks and Paul turns 90 or so next week, so needs reminders of what his roster is), discord and telegram.

Looking for good and not-so-good folks, who are also active players, to join Intoxicated Monks!

PS did i mention that Nelly sucks?