Increase damage on raids

Hi everyone, first of all I got to say that I love this game.
I would like to know the reason why sometimes we get increase damage on raids.
Thank you

Does this image show up? I would like for you to see it

If i understand your question properly and you are referring to the ‘attack x1.5’, that is due to the combo you have made. When you match some tiles and you find that the new tiles falling in make another match without manually moving them you get combos. Each successive combo gives you an attack bonus of .1 so if you get 11 combos (in one move) you would creep up to ‘attack x2’. This isn’t only in raids either, it happens in all stages.

Hope this helps

Hi, is not the “attack x1.5” that I’m talking about is the “increase damage” that shows up on the top of the image. Thank you

Oh right! my bad. I think this is just on a timer or something. When the match is taking to long it starts building up damage so that it wont create a stalemate or go on forever


That one starts after 30 turns. In case both the attacker and the defender have only healers left and the raid seems to go on stalemate.

The timer that you are talking about shows up in a different way… This game is so cool that I want to understand everything about it hehehe

It happens with any heroes, even when you have the whole team. They thought about every little detail in this game in can’t be just that… Thank you

@Kahree is correct. In a raid, the timer starts after 30 turns. It is to avoid 35 minute battles, which used to happen.

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Yes it can happen with any heroes, it is kind of like a secondery timer. It starts at turn 30 and the dmg bonus goes up everyturn.
This is to prevent all healer defs from being good. (cause they would only heal for 10 minutes and win. That would not be fun)

glad i wasn’t here for that - would totally mess up my half hour work breaks!

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Oh okay, I will test that timer then. I’m very curious about that increase damage :slight_smile: thank all for your help

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